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Blogging for business – webinar series

Over on the INsiders, we’ve shared a series of webinars looking at blogging for business. And since Mandie decided to be a “blogger” in May and is already a featured blogger for 4 international publications and writing for an additional 7 every month as well as getting shared on LinkedIn by Arianna Huffington and featuring in blogs in other languages too and gained clients as a result of her blogging, we’d say you are in good hands!

Remember blogging for business should deliver engagement in your digital media, new sign-ups to your database and social media accounts, raise your profile as a thought leader in your field, gain you speaking engagements and most importantly of all new leads and new business. So if it’s not working for you, what needs to change? Use these webinars to get your creative juices flowing!

You can access to webinars anytime under the video section of the private and confidential Facebook group, however, is a recap of what was covered. If you need additional advice then tag us in a post or email us. If you take up the challenge and get your blog out there and want to get some advice and support first, you are welcome to share your articles with us anytime. 

  • October 16, 2017