Do you remember pre pandemic?

We do and we miss those days!

Our last event was February 14th 2020. There were over 70 business men and women at that event!

Our speaker was multi millionaire and self made business woman Sarah Hurley. Here's a sneak peak.

Now are events are online it means you get to network with business owners from across our network.

Business owners from Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Sussex, 

Our online sessions are hosted through our confidential Facebook page so no hunting for links, your coordinator will be there at 9.50am to share the link.

9.50am - Coordinator arrive at 9.50am, feel free to join us early if you are nervous about the tech or would like a word with your local coordinator.

10am – Start of event. 

Note on the INsiders there will be a post that accompanies the event where you can add your social media links, special offers, things mentions, blogs and web links. It's a great way to keep networking after the event with people that couldn't make it. Build those relationships!

If you are looking for a particular type of business, or to virtually meet someone, but didn’t catch their details, then speak to our coordinator and they’ll connect you.

Housekeeping - Your coordinator will ask you to turn off your mics. You can turn off your camera if necessary. If you've got little ones, puppies, work colleagues, or the worlds nosiest kettle, please don't worry. Just mute on and off as you need. And if you lack confidence, many of us have been in that situation - you are with like minded business owners, so be yourself and know you will be appreciated for it.

You can add to the post your business details with links to your website and social media, for people to be able to connect with you. 

The first hour is all about you! Depending how many attend you will get between 60 seconds and 3 minutes to talk about your business. 

11:00am - Coaching and mentoring In this hour you get to share your knowledge and ask for help. Our Founder @Mandie Holgate hears your questions and gives advice on best practice - this has led to new business within the day!

You can ask anything - it's confidential and then you've the confidential Facebook group to discuss everything and ensure accountability to change and growth.

Midday - Official finish, thanks for networking with us. We always finish on time. Don't worry you can stick around and chat if you wish on the Insiders.


This is a great chance to create a plan of action to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.  Setting homework once a week to ensure you stay focused and accountable to achieving what you set for your business by posting to the InsiderLearn more about the Insiders here. 

This is where our events were pre-pandemic - our members are now from across the UK, Europe and Dubai too!


3rd Thursday of every month - 10am -12pm. Feel free to stay for just the first or second hour.


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2019 sponsorship reduced fee - £295 - Discounts for Insiders and Golden Ticket Holders - (£195)

2020 sponsorship fee - £495 - Discount for Insiders and Golden Ticket Holders - (£395)

Sponsor 2019 AND 2020 for just £595!

We are named as one of the top 15 resources in the UK for female entrepreneurs by 99 Designs. And our one of Small Business Saturday Top 100 businesses (As featured in The Guardian)

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