Here you will find everything you need to know about being a member, what it costs, how it works and what benefits you can expect...

Business mastermind group
You can sign up to the Insiders in 2 ways;

1.  Via our PayPal link CLICK HERE

2Email us at with subject line "Insiders" and we will email account details to set up a Direct Debir of £10 per calendar month. 

the place to grow your business for just £10 a montH

We asked Insiders why they love the Insiders;

  • Able to learn from proven experts after trying expensive programmes and "experts" who promised the world but delivered very little. The Insiders has a huge return on your investment.
  • Confidential place to talk business.
  • Helped them make a big decision that led to the growth of the business and taking on new staff. 
  • Confidential place to learn how to be a leader.
  • Increase profit and understand marketing and it's impact on business.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Discuss ideas.
  • Collaborate with other businesses and organisations.
  • Networking and gaining new business.
  • Carry out market research.
  • Learn about new trends.
  • Confidential advice, support, mentoring and coaching from our Founder Mandie Holgate
  • 70% discounts on Mandie's courses.
  • FREE virtual face to face coaching and networking sessions - join as often as you like.
  • A safe space to off load and get the support you need.

Insider's Benefits

As an Insider you get:

  1. £1500+ a year in affiliate discounts.
  2. Confidential Mastermind group. No selling at you, high quality advice and ideas. A place to grow your business and ask anything.
  3. Exclusive events from global experts and affiliates. 
  4. Webinars on personal and professional development, business trends, training and advice
  5. FREE business school including planners, worksheets, articles, guides and reports to help you and your business - marketing, legal, confidence, mindset, data protection, HR, outsourcing, coaching, mentoring, time management - it's extensive!
  6. Free networking, mentoring and coaching sessions.
  7. Exclusive training days and heavily discounted rates.
  8. 50% Discount on Founder Mandie Holgate's courses that boost profits, sales and confidence. Learn more here.
  9. Free promotion on our website here.
  10. Published on our blog for free - this is a paid service - £75 per article.
business womans networking and business school membership £10 Insiders

"I've just had my best trading year ever and I put it down to the Insiders and Mandie's courses, thank you!"

"It's my Zen place for business growth!"

I didn't think an online community could have such an impact on my business, thankyou!"

“It's the best £10 I've ever spent on my business!"

"Thank you its been eye opening”

“Thank you Insiders, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!”

“I know you won't just agree with me, you challenge, inspire and help me grow.”

“There is no other environment for my business success!”

"Getting the courses for £1 has changed my business!"

Being a BWN Insider will help you too:

"This is the best thing I do for my business!"

"Eeeek I've never been in the press before and now I've been on TV And in the news!"

"I've learnt more with the Insiders, Mandie Holgate and The BWN than I have on my MBA!"

"This is worth it's weight in gold - I can't believe I get all of this for just £120 a year, it's brilliant."

"This has been a game changer for me, the quality of advice and support I receive from Mandie and the Insiders has made a lot about my business a lot easier!"

  • Get you known as a thought leader in your industry (this has already led to virtual and real meetings and business!)
  • Access genuine discounts on products and services that you actually need in business and life to help you achieve more.
  • Access freebies from our Affiliates.
  • Access free live webinars from Mandie Holgate and our Affiliates covering areas of business and success where you set the agenda.
  • Post your questions and get personalised answers to grow your business from the Insiders and Affiliates.
  • Discuss your needs and get answers.
  • Research ideas in our private secret mastermind group. Business women have overhauled their websites, follow up strategy and exhibition activity increasing sales, with The Insiders support already!
  • Learn from our international writers and business experts - great articles, guides and top tips for our BWN Insiders 

Frequent Questions

I'm a business man, can I join?

Yes! Our mastermind group is open to all men and women who are looking for support to build, grow and sustain a business or charity.

I don't own the business can I join?

Yes, anyone looking to grow any organisation, gain support and develop themselves and that business are welcome. Charities and public sector love our support too. 

"Can I  attend and pay for one event to start off and see if I like it?

It is £10 a month and that includes your networking. Most networking is between £10 and £25 for just 1  event with membership fees on top! You get instant access to the business school, business community, discounts, competitions and planners - all for £10 a month. That means you can start benefiting from the minute you join us. You don't need to wait for the first event!


And we have proof!

We are like your very own business school!

Here is just some of the things Insiders have achieved;

  • Went from £5 sales to £995 sales - every month within 5 months.
  • Won multiple awards and featured in the press. (Never done this before!)
  • Featured in an international blog with the first article an INsider researched and wrote with our help – they’d never had the confidence to go for it.
  • Gave someone the confidence to quit their part time job and go for it in their own business.
  • Enabled a business owner to step up and get new premises enabling the company to grow.
  • Helped numerous Insiders go on to deliver first class webinars and presentations at networking events and other business events. (And gain new business!)
  • Helped a business owner sell out her first course.
  • Helped a business owner achieve higher sales at an exhibition.
  • Change their follow-up strategy that led to 3 leads and 2 sales in 3 days.
  • Got someone so confident in their writing that they’ve produced 9 paid eBooks in 6 months!
  • Helped a business owner decide on whether to go for a £BIG investment for their business.
  • Improved websites to increase sales.
  • Helped people become more confident and capable public speakers.
  • Helped people produce their first press releases.
  • Challenge limited beliefs about what customers want.
  • Go for big contracts, scary meetings and get the contract!
  • (And that is just some of what we have done. This is a confidential business focused group where we respect your need to learn, get support, review and test ideas, so we won’t share anything that is not pre-approved by you!) This really is a no motivational posters, no salesy, no events genuine place to grow your business!

Sign up today and you can access these discounts to help you grow your business, access the private exclusive area of our website and the 24/7 mastermind group and get known to the BWNs Insider too. This really is a very exclusive opportunity!

Amazing Offers from our Partners

Jenny Sjollema – Pängels – PA, admin, sales, and marketing support for small and medium businesses, helping you to get control of your business.

Adavista – Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Special BWN Insiders GDPR Compliance packages for less than £300!

NJD People Consulting – Discount on HR Services from NJD People Consulting

Nexus Design and Print – Discount on printing from Page Creative

Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services – Discounts on PR & Copywriting

IPC Solutions – Hardware repairs  and Computer Store with exclusive Insiders offers.

Emedia Website design – Brand design, website design and content development.

42 Limited – Telesales, cold calling, customer care/ relationship building, lead generation and lead follow up.

Mandie Holgate 50% Discount on online courses; 

Blogging for Business, Learn your niches & get them buying, rocket your confidence, sales and marketing, sell in 60 seconds (elevator pitches), How to be a micro influencer to boost profits, how to be a powerful public speaker and communicator, the foundations to a successful business (that many miss!), How to structure, write and sell a book, Resilience at work. 10% discount on coaching.

Cash for Invoices Limited – Improve your cashflow by selling your customer invoices to Cash for Invoices Limited.  No security, no commitment, and just one fee – that is reduced for BWN Insiders

Rob Sayles – Your Blueprint for attracting, engaging, and selling to ideal audiences online with Digital and Social Media Strategy, Market Research, Audience Profiling, Sales Funnels Strategy & Ad Campaigns, Social Media & Digital Training

Palandin - Knight Legal Services – Obtain high quality legal advice, at a price that is already highly competitive and excellent value for money, with an additional discount. 

Go Simple Tax – Accountancy software to save money on accountancy fees.

New Affiliates for Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, CRM and more coming soon!


Results include;

  • Your best trading year ever.
  • Increase average sale per customer from £5 to £950.
  • Marketing strategies that enable you to sell. (Really understanding who your target audiences are!)
  • New contracts with your perfect customers.
  • Increased confidence.
  • A new business model that automated and streamlined business to enable sustainable growth.
  • Less Overwhelm and stress as you work smarter and more productively.
  • Highest profit margins month on month.
  • Reaching every KPI and Sales target.
  • Overcome the phone fears to sell well - anywhere!
  • Overcome Public Speaking fears to speak at national conferences.
  • Network Successfully (Anywhere!)
  • Even online from the comfort of your own home!

Mandie's courses receive 5 star reviews from delegates. They help you accelerate your business growth and empower you to believe you can achieve anything! Mandie's coaching starts from £450 - these courses range in price from £95 to £250 - you receive 50% discount on all courses and a 10% discount on 1 to 1 and group coaching. 

Call Mandie on 07989 935556 or 01206 381482 or email

Buy courses here - you could be earning more money within 2 days - that's the results Insiders get!


Rob is considered one of the top specialist in digital marketing in the world. We are so lucky to have Rob as an Insider too. Rob is generous with his advice and delivers first class results. We highly recommend Rob.

Need to get your business back on track and producing great returns from digital? You need a Digital Blueprint:

• Includes initial consulting, audit, and unique strategy definition
• Half-day business review
• Define your goals and growth targets
• Identify your target audience(s)
• Create your Unique Selling Point
• Business & Competitor Analysis
• Audit and reposition your current digital assets
• Create an action plan with actionable steps

 Offer Benefits Provides you with a plan and steps to the most effective method of building consistent leads, the most appropriate platforms for engaging audiences, and the best systems for customer growth

Call Rob on 07950 650538 or email

Jenny Sjollema from Pängels – Tame your business PA, admin, sales and marketing!

Jenny Sjoellma is also an Insider which means if you need some advice on time management, apps to make business easier, advice on what you can outsource Jenny is always happy to chat.

Head over to the Insiders confidential Facebook page to discuss your growing businesses needs.

We offer you time to spend on your business, rather than in it. An Angel will spend time with you to understand what you want and how we can best support you. We will then ascertain how much time you need a month to achieve your goals. Helping you control your admin. Create sales and marketing strategy. We will even book your travel, do your shopping and help you get business under control.

Call Jenny Sjollema on 0844 500 7818 or email


Adavista Training – Exclusive discounts for Insiders!

Robyn Banks (Yes really her name and not her day job!) is an Insider too so that means you not only get a discount to work with Robyn and make your business legal, you also can ask Robyn advice on anything around data protection and privacy notices you maybe worried about.

It took The BWN 2 hours to become legal and completely up to date - it's not a big stressful worrying undertaking with Robyn and Adavista. 

You may not even realise you need us. Every business must be registered and comply with these requirements.

GDPR compliance packages with exclusive BWN Insiders discounts will enable you to be fully compliant within 24 hours!

We conduct a data audit to meet privacy by design legal requirements, draft privacy notices as required and policies to ensure transparency requirements are met. The requirements of the small business are ever changing and we are here to help you ensure you meet compliance, legislation and regulation requirements. Compliance boosts reputation and credibility through building trust with customers and clients.

It all sounds complicated but with us, it's not. It's quick and painless to be compliant and protect your business.


discounted legal advice for business owners

paland-knight Ltd

Marsha has helped a lot of Insiders with legal matters so we can tell you first hand that we rate Paladin customer services and results. Marsha is also an Insider so you can post to the confidential group and Marsha will be there to support you too.

Paladin offer high quality legal advice at a price that is already highly competitive and excellent value for money. With your Insiders discount and with Marsha Robinson on board in the Insiders confidential mastermind group you are safe in the knowledge that Marsha is a business owner like you who is easy to talk to around legal services and advice you and your business may need. 

Call Marsha Robinson on 07464 113616 or email



  • Self assessment calculator and submission tool for the self employed. 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Save time and hassle
  • Save money
  • Nothing to install, runs everywhere
  • 100% compatible with HMRC
  • Making Tax Digital ready
  • No obligation, cancel at anytime


Twitter: @mandyswales @gosimpletax

Facebook: Amanda Swales and/or GoSimpleTax

LinkedIn: Amanda Swales and/or GoSimpleTax

NJD People Consulting – 10% off a 1 day company health check or Basic Policies package

Nikki Doherty is another Insider that is happy to share HR advice when you need it. Nicki like most Insiders has been networking with us for many years and we highly rate Nikki as a business woman too.

Ever find yourself wondering why top staff leave? Cant seem to find the right candidates for your vacancies?

Your employees are your biggest asset but can also be your biggest cost. NJD People Consulting can help you find solutions to these issues and reduce your people costs.

NJD People Consulting is run by Nicki Doherty who has over 10 years experience in Human Resources and leadership and management development. She has experience providing coaching, support and development to businesses across varying industries across Essex, the South East and across England.

Nicki, who is an MCIPD qualified HR Consultant, specialises in change management, business improvement, employee engagement and people development whilst supporting businesses in all aspects of HR and learning and development.


Call Nicki Doherty on 07740 356716 or email

Page Creative – 10% Discount on all order over £100

Gill Robinson is another Insider - yes it's all small businesses supporting small businesses with us! And Gill is great at seeing your project in a way that makes it sell. Never holds back on great advice which is much appreciated by the Insiders.

PAGE is – brochures, stationery, books, catalogues, leaflets, packaging, point of sale, display, direct mail – beautiful, hardworking print.

PAGE is CREATIVE about PRINT. When you need to enhance your content, fulfil your marketing objectives, print and distribute efficiently, let us help you to specify the project.


When you need quality, fair prices and project management – let us find the best print for your project.


Whatever your budget you have to spend it wisely! PAGE provides technical advice, marketing experience, support and shrewd print buying. Just one contact will give you access to the most appropriate and cost-effective print in the area.

We want to support local businesses. PAGE balances choice and control by operating within a 2 hour drive.

When you want to talk ideas through or see samples, we will be there. When our printers need us, we are there. We manage each project closely with our team of vetted partners (over 70 currently), so that we deliver for you, on spec, on time and on budget.


PAGE produces show stopping projects in art, food, literature, property, cosmetics, local politics, fashion and manufacturing, for businesses – large and small – because we know print inside and out. If you want to spend more time on strategy, operations and customer engagement and less time and money on gathering estimates and progress chasing then tap into that knowledge.


Call Gill Robinson on 07775 332385 or email

IPC Solutions – % discount on hardware repairs and hardware purchases 

A personal computer new build and upgrade specialist, sourcing the right components at the best possible prices. We also supply and source second user components for maximum upgrade potential for a minimal cost.


Call Ian Harden on 07751 087687 or email

Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services – 10% Discount

Sally Anderson Wai is another Insider who has networked with us for many years. Sally can help with your social media marketing and blogging too and is always on the Insiders confidential page ready to share ideas and advice too. Thank you Sally!

We’re an international, multi-award-winning PR and copywriting business, writing the right words in an effective way to get your business more publicity, better leads and greater sales. We do this through press releases, blogs, leaflets, award submissions, email marketing and carefully crafted content for managed social media  posts and websites. 

We are delighted that 100 per cent of the press releases we wrote and sent out in 2016 were used in at least one media outlet.  Most PR companies charge double our fees. The majority of our clients are so pleased with the work we do for them that they recommend us to others and use Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services again.

If you claim the 5 per cent discount on our press releases or packages it means you will get more PR, better leads and greater sales at an affordable rate.

Call Sally Anderson Wai on 07956 977 994 or email

Free networking and coaching every month

Studio 42 - telesales, lead generation, customer care and follow up – 7.5% Discount

We first hand can tell you that Daliah Hopcroft from Studio 42 is great because our customers use their services and Daliah and her team get great results. Low up cost fees and paying on results, means telesales is a good option for growth for your small business. Another Insider who loves the phone and helping you to achieve great results for your business through advice and support over on the Insiders.

We offer telephone based services including, telesales, cold calling, customer care/ relationship building, lead generation and lead follow up.

We will also offer courses and training to businesses to help people tackle their fear in relation to using the phone and telesales training.

Professional targeted telesales, telemarketing and customer relationship building.

I help businesses get more customers and brands get their products into retail stores.

I am working on my website and hope to have it live very soon.

We are offering 7.5% discount on our services and our new fear of the phone course to insiders.

This enables businesses to find more customers and build better relationships with existing customers.

web designer supporting insiders

EMedia specialise in web hosting, web design, wordpress maintenance and IT Support. Owner Justin is also an INsider so you can get their knowledge and support any time. Unlike many companies Justin ensures you can get hold of them and their team when you need it - no chat boxes or tick systems with Emedia. Real people with real results when your business needs it most.

They specialise in supporting small businesses and have a package to fit most budgets.

Click this link to learn more

pangels mastermind insiders



sponsor the bwn website


2022 sponsorship fee - £495  for 2022 (Add 2023 - £750)

Insider rate £250 (Add 2023 - £350)  

Includes writing for our blog for free too!

We are named as one of the top 15 resources in the UK for female entrepreneurs by 99 Designs. And our one of Small Business Saturday Top 100 businesses (As featured in The Guardian)

Sign up here 


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