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The Power Of Positivity (and Negativity) On Your Success

2 Fabulous Business Women Know that Positivity is Key To Your Success

2 Fabulous Business Women Know that Positivity is Key To Your Success

We all know someone that moans about their business.

“I don’t have enough clients”

“I can’t get organised”

“I’m too old to learn new stuff”

“Twitter & Facebook wouldn’t work for us”

How much fun are they to be around?

Be careful how much time you spend with people that bring negativity into your business, even if it does not apply to you. Their mood can still impact on your success. Never underestimate the power of your mind to dictate your actions. Have you ever got out of bed to find the cat had been sick/car won’t start/roads are jammed/heel snapped off of your shoe/computer has lost everything?

The next thought naturally is What will go wrong next?

You have a choice when anything bad happens to react in a way that creates motivation and determination to overcome adversity or to question why me?

And ask yourself how useful is the Why me approach?

Does it get you nearer your goal?

So when you have a less than brilliant start to your day what can motivate you to pick yourself up and carry on?

If not what, then who?

We all know someone that motivates people and seem to have an endless buzz and passion about your business – so connect with people like that regularly to keep you motivated.

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  • January 31, 2015