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How Not To Make A Fool Of Yourself On Facebook (or other social media platforms)

There are lots of do’s and don’s when it comes to social media but this one could easily be titled

Think Before You Share

I had a bit of rant (in the nicest way) about people reposting rubbish on Facebook as if the truth.

I have news for you. Not everything on the internet is true. This is of course but some stuff….not so much!

In the days before the internet, things were published in books and that cost a bit of money. As a result, publishers did things like fact checking and research. These days you can set a free blog up and be posting whatever you like in a matter of minutes. 

In the video below, I refer to three sites that are fabulous resources for checking whether something has any credence.

 They are

  • Facecrooks – really good for Facebook specific ones like “adding these people will infection your machine and destroy your hard drive”
  • Hoax-Slayer – Debunking email hoaxes and exposing Internet scams since 2003!
  • Snopes – the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation

Not mentioned but also worth a read if you care about accuracy and facts is Science or Not? – Separating science from nonsense




  • January 16, 2014

Get Motivated into BIG Business action!

When it comes to being in business, motivation is something you need an endless supply of.

I’ve often asked myself how is it that 2 women can both be made redundant after years of loyal employment, 1 goes home and wails and wonders where it all went wrong and moans that there are no jobs out there, while the other goes says “This is my big chance!” and sets up their own business.

Motivation gets them going, but how do you keep going after sales to your natural sources dry up?

In January many businesses face a tough time as we assume everyone is batting down the hatches in preparation for the big Christmas Credit card bill, but how do you make it a profitable and successful month regardless?

It will all start with motivation.

If you are motivated in the right way, then you will believe in your ability to achieve and the ability to make the sales and to have a great month and you will take the right targeted action to get the results you want.

So targeted action is what you want and it starts with motivation.

Here is my quick It’s Monday and the weather is lousy, I don’t want to exercise or eat right or even get out of my bed. Help me be motivated Guide….

  1. Know what you want – being motivated is about moving you forward, in a direction. It’s hard to move in a direction if you don’t know which way to even face!
  2. Get that music blasting! Music can make you happy, sad, energised, but most importantly motivated. Just ask Liz Leatherdale from Colchester Classics. Chose music that comes on in your car that is going to get you revved up, before you even get into the office or to that meeting.
  3. Start the day well. A good breakfast, plenty of water and don’t leave your favourite designer dress/handbag/shoes at the bag of the wardrobe for a special occasion. Today is that special occasion. Today is the day you want to be motivated into serious action. Feeling good on the inside and out can really help. Got a favourite colour? Add a splash of it to your outfit! Cass Edwards and Thomasin Newton are 2 fabulous image consultants who know all about that!
  4. Did you know just by saying “I’m excited!” You can start to feel excited? Our brain works powerfully to be negative but it can work powerfully to be positive too. Get excited about your day. Even if at this moment you don’t know why, start by saying “I’m excited!”
  5. Get along  to The BWN this month and let me motivate you! (Ok blantant BWN plug there!) But being in environments with people that you know will power up your attitude, and get you motivated and help you stay focussed is critically important to business women who the majority of the time work alone. So see me twice a month and let me be part of your big plan.
  6. On the 24th I will be talking about Motivation in Business and it will be very interactive, so bring your questions and I will give tailor made solutions. Can’t wait that long? You know where to find me on social media
  7. More than anything else, believe in you. If you are faltering on this in the slightest it can seriously impact your success. 
  • January 6, 2014