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A Costly Mistake I’ve Witnessed In Essex Effecting Business Women and Costing Them Big!

I wanted to share with you a costly mistake I’ve personally seen in action over the last couple of months.

It’s costing business women;

  • Money
  • Leads
  • And most importantly sales.

And when I see something that important happening I just want to do all I can to fix it. I cant’ help myself!

So what is it?

Well I’ve been back at the BWN for the last 2 months. And it’s personally delivered to me new contacts, new business women I’ve met, leads and most importantly sales. But I’ve also learnt some great things, nearly one a free seminar with an amazing coach. And met some lovely like minded business women. As Fiona Cowie from Essential HR said this week “It’s not just great to be in an environment like this for business it’s good for you because it reminds you of why you love running your own business.” Because I think Fiona is right you can be isolated running your own business.

Nicky Goodchild said that she was so chuffed that after just one event she made sales, has been offered a speaking engagement and I got her a great bit of free PR in a target newspaper.

So I find it tough when I see business women wasting money and missing opportunities and well that just hurts!

You see for 3 events I saw the same business woman at The BWN and I was beginning to learn about her and her business, and what she needed and who she wanted to connect with. Then this week’s event for the first time she wasn’t there, just as her target audience of lawyers, Wealth Management Advisors and HR Specialists were in the room! She had missed the perfect opportunity.

But what really got me is this is not the first time I’ve seen this happen in just the last 2 months!

In the last 3 events I’ve seen business women not be able to make The BWN at the last minute only to miss out on speaking to the very target audience they’ve been after! Ouch!

On the other hand the good news is that I have also seen some fabulous business women at every BWN event and what do you know they are selling out their events, they are getting contracts they have been trying to get for years and they are connecting with businesses they want to work with! No wonder those business women are regulars at the BWN now.

So the moral of this story that made me rather sad this week. It’s to keep on The BWN radar. In the last month we have had business women at The BWN from sole traders to organisations with 2000+ members of staff! So wow how many opportunities could you be missing out on there? I dread to think!

On top of that we have seen some very impressive media opportunities get given away at the BWN, a seminar with one of our speakers, a secret masterclass with me (the business women on that are loving the results after just 2 sessions!) and then I gave 1 lucky business woman a very special freebie yesterday that could be worth a lot of money to her!

I know that the BWN and I can help you and your business, but only if I see you. So don’t miss the 22nd November at Five Lakes. We have a great speaker working with me in the masterclass. An Actor of the calibre of Spooks and Eastenders and we will be dealing with public speaking fears and success. And then our big Christmas event on the 13th December and 5 stands have already gone, so book fast. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Did you see the films on the website of the business women you missed this week?

Click here to see them in action and to book your next event.

You would hate to miss out again!

  • November 8, 2013