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Why you should join the Insiders

In business, it can be lonely not being able to turn to the right kind of people to get advice. Not just the plethora of “you’re awesome, just go for it” comments that social media is saturated with but genuine ideas and help to work out if this is what your business really needs. So many business owners experience the Shiny Syndrome where they are on a focused path and get distracted into something else because it came along at that time. “Does it fit, or is it right for you right now?” doesn’t feature as you get distracted by the shiny syndrome.

The Insiders is a great way to ask yourself “Do we really need this for our business or are we getting distracted?” It’s like having your own team to challenge, inspire, support and ensure you stay focused on what really needs to happen!

The affiliates list is also growing and you can now get at least a 10% discount on things from laptops, web sites, and coaching, to policy documentation, printing and training on social media. Even our Founder’s Mandie Holgate’s courses and coaching is reduced for Insiders, and they were inexpensive in the first place!

Have you checked out who you could be doing business with for a discount as an Insider?

One business owner told us that in their first month of being an Insider the savings they’d made had paid for 2 years on the Insiders!

The other great thing about the affiliates is as an INsider you can suggest webinars that the affiliates host for you, sharing a level of content they don’t share anywhere else! Affiliates are happy to deliver personalised webinars just for our group!

££££ of training on top of everything else, for free!

Don’t see what you want or need?

Got an idea for us?

Then you know you can always talk to us. The Insiders is here to help you grow personally and professionally to create a business you love, to sustain and grow it. So if you think we could help in another way, just say.So are you in yet?

Do you want to know how this gets even better?

You can also get a discount on sponsoring the BWN website (reduced to £250 for 2019) AND access full day face to face training days for just £75!

We aim to over deliver in everything we do. So join us on the Insiders!

  • May 21, 2017