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All change in Suffolk

All businesses go through change and our organisation is no different. In fact we actively look to hear from every woman in business that attends our Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk events to know what you want and if we are delivering it. (And our apologies if we are not in your region yet, we would love to be in your area, so get in touch to learn about getting paid to network.)

Therefore when Linda had to step down from our stunning Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk  events it was a quiet moment in the BWN offices. Mandie instantly decided that we had been supporting the success of women in business in this area for over 4 years and we didn’t want to see it stop. So Mandie hosted our September event and announced “Who would like to get paid to network?”

2 offers came forward on the day so we never got to spread the opportunity to the wider community (further proof you have to be in it to win it!) and we are delighted to welcome Nicky West, a corporate Suffolk based photographer to the team. Nicky said “I’ve decided to become a BWN co-ordinator! Let me sum up why. I believe networking is a wonderful way to empower and connect local business owners to be inspired by and inspire each other, in a friendly supportive environment, and I’m so excited to be a part of that process and grow my own business along the way too!”

We are very happy to welcome you Nicky and look forward to seeing your fabulous images and hearing your 2019 plans.

We have more exciting news coming soon and if you would like to learn more about joining the growing BWN team, we would love to hear from you. Just complete the contact us form or give us a call.

  • September 30, 2018

I liked the company so much I bought it… well a part of it anyway!

I’ve been attending the Business Woman’s Network for the last four years, on and off, and have found Mandie an inspiration both professionally and personally.

Having been a member of other networking groups and thoroughly enjoyed the ethos of them, I had a lighting bulb moment earlier in the year, remembering Mandie saying ‘get paid to network’. It wasn’t so much the being paid to do it, but I felt that I was carrying out various roles in the other groups with no appreciation or thanks for my time and efforts. So, I decided to put the efforts into my own group and thoroughly believe in our BWN mission statement and supporting business women because we are as passionate about your success as you are!

I’d always come away from the BWN mornings feeling motivated to achieve what we’d learnt at the meetings. 18 months ago I also did Mandie’s “6 week kick your butt” business course and it certainly did that!

It came at just the right time for my business and enabled me to work flexibly around my clients and family life. Well worth every penny, thank you.

I decided earlier this year that I would set up a South Essex BWN under Mandie’s guidance. When I phoned her to ask her, she sounded surprised but keen to make sure it was right thing for me to do… in fact she asked me a several occasions to make certain I was sure!

Having had the summer off of networking, it was a little of a shock to the system to stand up in front of a room of ladies and lead the meeting. However, with Mandie there to support me, it was plain sailing. Fortunately she had agreed to deliver a masterclass on marketing too, so it all went very well with two ladies joining.

Next month I am lucky enough to have Nick Looby delivering a masterclass on networking and after the feedback from the room on the day, I can sense it’s going to be another good meeting.

So thank you BWN and a special thank you to Mandie for allowing me the opportunity.

Up Spirits!

Contact – jenny@pa-angels.co.uk / 01621 680818

  • September 25, 2015

What is the BWN ethos

I was asked to sum up the BWN ethos. If you feel I’ve missed something please advise;

I wanted an environment where any business woman could get the answers that she needed for her success. becta with painting at the Essex BWN networking for business women Whether start up, or pre start up, unemployed, self-made millionaire, hobbyist business, corporate business woman or employed women.

You are expected to be an expert in everything, well I want to help business women to feel confident in every area of their business and their life.

I want the BWN to be all welcoming and inclusive. I don’t want it to be “clicky”. Thus I ensure that whomever I am talking to at an event, as the host I have my eye on the door so that everyone gets a warm welcome, because I really appreciate how scary walking into a networking event can be. I often tell the person I’m speaking to “I’m genuinely very interested in getting to know you and hearing how I and the BWN can assist, but I must keep an eye on the door so that everyone gets greeted by the host.”

I want to empower, motivate and support.

I want myself and my coordinators to go out of our way to get to know every business woman that walks through that door so that we can help that business woman get the connections, new business and success she wants and deserves.

I want to do all this with no big membership fee. I want us to help business women make Angela Lock FSB at Essex Women Networkingmoney and increase their profit, not spend their profits on overpriced networking.

Between events I want to ensure that our network talk to us through social media so that we are able to like and share their great content. And I want to ensure that the business women that walk in the door every month are our absolute priority so that we know them and help in every way that we can.

I want to ensure that not only do we promote and support our business women, we also promote and support our venues, speakers and suppliers. Business has to create win win relationships and we will work hard to achieve that.

No question is stupid, no concern dismissed. This is THE environment to get the solutions, connections and business to get the business success you want. Our tagline is “As Passionate About Your Success As You Are” and our business women will tell you that we mean it.


  • July 11, 2015