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How to get the most out of networking with The BWN

If you are looking to grow your business, your confidence and your profit, we are so much more than just somewhere to network once a month. Here is how to get the most our networking with The BWN.

1.Help yourself to our social media. We actively encourage our members (and a member is someone who walks through the door once a month) to talk about what they are doing, creating, building, winning or even struggling with on our social media;

  • On Facebook you can post to our page and we will like and share your content.
  • On Twitter if you mention @BWNcouk we will like and retweet your content for you.
  • On our LinkedIn page you are welcome to post discussions, ask questions and talk about your business.

To access all of our social media just visit the home page and click on the right social media logo.

2. A Golden Ticket means you get to network at one venue for better than the early bird rate and you get all these discounts and benefits too;

  • Write for our blog for FREE (Usual fee £75).
  • Guaranteed 60 seconds Promo Slot.
  • Give your 60 seconds to another business woman (We only have a maximum of 25 Promo slots at each event) and you can bring your banner to the event for FREE – Great evergreen marketing for you.
  • Feature on our website for FREE.
  • Discounts on sponsoring the website.
  • Discounts on sponsoring an event.
  • Discounts on exhibiting at an event.
  • Can’t make an event? Still get your opportunities and events mentioned in the Business Ops slot of that event and other relevant local events. (Please note this requires a minimum of 48 hours notice.)

3.How to make a Golden Ticket really sparkle. If you want even more out of your Golden Ticket you can purchase multiple events tickets and gain even more savings!

  • 1 venue – £125 (Full price £165)
  • 2 venue – £230 (Full price £330)
  • 3 venue – £315 (Full price £495)

4. The Insiders is a confidential learning zone, research centre and advice mastermind group that has helped business owners;

  • Increase profit
  • Take on new premises
  • Employ their first staff
  • Overcome fears – fear of the phone, fear of asking for what you want, fear of saying No to a customer when they ask for too much, fear of going live, fear of creating video, fear of blogging and getting your opinions out there to help you sell more.
  • Learn new skills that have directly led to new business, new opportunities and new sales.
  • Get 1st refusal on PR and other opportunities
  • Access webinars from our affiliate experts
  • Access discounts from our Insiders affiliates.
    Best of all it is just £5 a month – Business women say it is the best money they spend on their business, every month!

5. Do you find yourself making notes of who you need to connect with on social media and who to email or call and a list of  ideas thanks to the speaker then find you don’t get around to taking action and doing the things you learnt. You get back to the office and the business cards, notes and ideas get added to your long list of to do’s but don’t get actioned.

Annoying isn’t it?

The BWN Success Manual is a great way of putting your ideas, notes, your calendar, who you met, what you said you would do, and even create a strategy to ensure you do it, in one place. It includes;

  • A place to write who you met, what you said you would do and how you could help them, so you can build a relationship from day 1.
  • 2 x 1 year calendars.The BWN Success Manual for networking
  • Space to structure what you learnt from the masterclass and how to ensure you take action.
  • Top tips and ideas to help you network more successfully, follow up more effectively and make networking more cost effective.
  • Space to add additional thoughts and journal what you notice.
  • A way of looking at your networking strategy and results to see how to improve, where you are already improving and where you could do with some assistance.
  • Golden Nugget ideas.
  • Goal planning sections – short term, long term and the plan to achieve.
  • You can buy yours at any event for £10 or online for £16. We love seeing the BWN Success Manuals at events making life easier for you.

6. Sponsoring the BWN website is a great way to get seen by our audiences all year round. One of our sponsors has already signed up to the end of 2020 so you can see this could be very useful to you and your business.

7. Our blog is packed with ideas and solutions and some really emotional, fantastic and inspiring stories from our members. You can read it all here https://old.thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk/bwn-blog/

8. You can sponsor a BWN event. We only allow 1 sponsor per event so its a great way to stand out. You get 1 ticket, 1 exhibitors stand, your business literature on every place setting and your business promoted on all of the marketing for that event on and off line.

You can access all of these offers (and more!) via our website, and just head to the offers heading to find the offer right for you.

  • October 28, 2018

The Business woman that neglects her body neglects her business

The Business woman that neglects her body neglects her business. No it wasn’t Confucius that said that but Brenda Seaborn.

Brenda Seaborn from Banish Stress has worked for corporate clients such as • ACE • Magnox • BBC Essex • Colchester Borough Council • Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, working throughout North East Essex and Suffolk offering her unique corporate therapy days as part of company’s occupational health or team building events.  Brenda first hand sees the impact of neglecting the body.

“You can only for so long get away with not listening to your body, before you really start to suffer. So many times business women say to me, but I don’t have time. But if you end up in bed you will have no choice but to stop working, why wait for that to happen? With a bit of TLC to your body, listening to its needs and a bit of time out, you can ensure you are fit and well to always be there for your business.”

Brenda has run a busy, private practice from her home in Colchester since 1997; providing complementary healthcare to both individual and corporate clients. Corporate clients such as Sandra Meakins from Magnox said “She is always gladly, welcomed by our staff and provides them with nurturing respite from an otherwise hectic days work. She offers them a chance to offload, unwind and refocus; enabling them to continue their days work completely refreshed.”

Combining a wealth of therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology, Manicure, pedicure (don’t dismiss how relaxing and important your nails can be!) Indian Head Massage,  Holistic Facial Massage, Advanced Reflexology inc. Maternity & Fertility and teaching Reiki and meditation. Business women often forget to create space to unwind, de-stress, re-balance and look after their health or to speed up the healing process during or after illness, surgery or the loss of a loved one.

So Brenda (or Confusicious) is right the Business Woman that neglects her health neglects her success. Now’s the time to get THAT in your business plan!??!

Banish Stress for business women

To learn more about time out, relaxing and caring for Number 1 (because you so often are at the bottom of the pile!) Get in touch with Brenda – 01206 512280 Email: banishstress@ntlworld.com Website: www.banishstress.co.uk

  • January 20, 2012