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Time is a Valuable Commodity

The school and summer holidays will soon be drawing to a close and it’s back to work and business as usual.

As we fast approach September we are very busy here at The Business Woman’s Network preparing for several launch events in Essex and Suffolk.

So we most definitely see the benefits of hiring an extra pair of hands to free up some time in our busy diaries and that’s exactly what Jennifer creates for her clients – extra time in their business.

Jennifer is one of our business exhibitors and has already secured her table at the North Colchester Event on 26th September 2015. Contact us to find out more information on how to exhibit and the benefits.

Let’s find out more about Jennifer and how her business can help other businesses.

What made you set up SmartPA?

After spending 23 years in local government and delivering high profile projects within the private sector, earlier this year I decided the time was right to achieve my ambition of running my own business. I launched my SmartPA partnership in June this year and I’m now focussing my attention on supporting local businesses, helping them to become more efficient.

How do you help other business owners?

As a SmartPA I provide outsourced, remote back office and business support to companies that require expert services, helping them to increase their efficiency and productivity whilst reducing their costs. This is the perfect solution for businesses that need support and assistance with administration or projects, but do not want to employ additional staff. The flexibility I offer as a SmartPA means businesses can scale my support, depending upon their requirements – ensuring they never pay more than they need.

What do you love most about running your own business?

What I love most about this new self-employed role is using my experience to work on a diverse range of projects or tasks – no two days are the same! My role varies with each client and includes general office administration, marketing, producing newsletters, brochures, arranging advertising, updating websites and working on research and projects – all from my home office!

It’s interesting and rewarding working with a number of different businesses. I’m so pleased I made the decision to go ahead and become a SmartPA partner. It allows me to follow my ambition of delivering a high quality and efficient service with the backing of an established brand.

What do you see the future holding for SmartPA?

SmartPA offers back office support to business communities around the world. The company has a wider initiative to help women get back to work. They have pledged to get 25,000 women in the UK back to work over the next three years through technology and training – notably through SmartPA Home. Users can enjoy bypassing the increasing costs of childcare and travel, alongside a better work/life balance. It’s really exciting being part of a forward thinking and rapidly growing organisation.

When it comes to helping businesses become more efficient, I can help in other ways – I’m also a Director at Worth Energy Solutions, an independent Colchester based consultancy headed up by Garry Worthington, specialising in energy, environmental management and associated support services. Having spent a number of years in the energy efficiency industry I can also help your business reduce its energy use and improve its environmental footprint.

If you need support on a project or need to outsource some of your daily tasks here’s Jennifer’s contact details:

Email: jennifer@smartpasupport.com

Website Link: http://www.smart-pa.com/

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/JennyThackray

  • August 23, 2015

Positively made-up!

Meet Lydia of Lydia’s Luscious Lashes our very first member for the North Colchester Events and we haven’t even launched yet!  

Lydia is very passionate about her business and how it positively makes a difference to her clients and her growing team.  She absolutely loves how she can fit her business around her family commitments and wants to help other people do the same.

What made you join Younique?

I joined Younique when I was 3 and half months into maternity leave because the thought of going back to work petrified me. I had just overcome postnatal depression (PND) and was just starting to enjoy being a mum. I’d really struggled in the first couple of months and didn’t want to go back to work. I just wanted to stay at home and do fun things with my little girl, like take her swimming, go to baby groups and give her the very best possible start. The idea of someone else looking after her, paying nursery fees and basically going to work just to cover the fees seemed ludicrous!

I had seen my cousin was doing well working with Younique so asked her about it. She said to do some research and find out for myself. She thought it was a good idea, but encouraged me to make my own decision. So, I went off to do some research, found out lots of good things, met up with my cousin again and joined!

How many years have you been in business?

I have been with Younique just over 3 months.

What do you love most about running your own business?

I love the flexibility it has given me. I can work my own hours and run my business however and whenever I want. I get to spend time with my little girl, do all the fun things we love doing together and I can work around her.

I love that my business is a positive business – I am making women happy. When people try the make-up they are happy, when I organise parties, they are happy and that’s very rewarding. As well as running my own business I now have my own team of 4 women and I love coaching them. I’m learning as much as I can about how we can all go further in our businesses, coaching and inspiring them and being a support for them. It has given me lots of confidence to think I am changing not only my life but others around me too.

What do you hate most about running your own business?

I guess with it being a social networking company the business is open 24 hours! I know that I can respond as and when I want to as it is my business, but I tend to get back as soon as I can. Which can sometimes interfere in the evenings…my fault though – I quite enjoy the engagement, so not really a negative to be honest.

One of the biggest problems in business is working long hours and still running out of time!  Check out our previous blog on time management and prioritising – Time to Stop!

What benefits do you get from networking?

The benefits of networking are meeting new people, being able to help other businesses out by working together and coming up with ideas that are mutually beneficial. Being able to speak to and discuss things with like minded people.

What was the reason that you decided to be a member at The BWN?

It is a women’s networking group, which falls in line with my business. I have been to a couple of the events before and found them to be very enjoyable. It’s nice to have the support of like minded, strong and successful women.

What do you see the future holding for Younique? 

The company only launched in 2012, it has going from strength to strength, launching in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and soon to be in Mexico then France. So it is a growing company and with this I hope for my team to expand in these countries so that I have an international team.

Lydia Adams

Cheers to Success!

Personally I would like to do some more training and get involved in wedding make-up, grow my team and am hoping that within a year my partner can retire from his work. We can all move to a nice big house and I can run my business with total flexibility, enjoying time with my family.

If you would like to find out how Lydia can help you here are her contact details below: 

Website: Lydia’s Luscious Lashes  

Email: Lydia’s Luscious Lashes  

Facebook: Lydia’s Luscious Lashes

  • August 23, 2015

Family Values Forever!

Keen and ready for the launch of our Saturday morning events in North Colchester in September – Kerry has already secured her exhibition stand and we are very excited to find out more about her and her business.

However, if like us you cannot wait to find out more about Kerry’s story here’s a preview.

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hello, my name is Kerry Rose, I am a wife and mum of two young children as well as being a police officer of 11 years.

My husband is a police sergeant and until Forever Living Products we both worked on demanding shift patterns.

What effect did these shifts have on family life?

We only spent one day out of every nine together as a family and very often my son would be at school on that one day. Naturally, our jobs are tiring and my husband’s working hours and the nature of his role meant that we were unable to enjoy the little time we had together.

Why did you join Forever Living Products?

I joined Forever Living at the end of April this year because I clearly saw the opportunity it would give to my family – to allow us to have more free time without sacrificing any income.

What are the results so far?

I enjoyed my first ‘active’ month in June where I worked the business model and upon seeing the rewards of my efforts I decreased my working hours to alleviate the pressure on my husband where childcare is concerned.

Forever Living has shown me how I can change my life, enhancing it for the better. I am now coaching others to do the same which is very satisfying.

Final thought?

Forever Living gives people the freedom to choose a new way of life.

Just like Kerry you too can exhibit at any of our events.  To check out the benefits of promoting your business at any event – read more here:

BWN March 2015

Here’s a reminder of the benefits.  For just £25 you can exhibit at any BWN event. And that includes 1 ticket!

Showcase your business.

Offer taster sessions of what you do.

Bring your products along.

Run mini business clinics.

The choice is yours, but for just £25 we are sure you will agree its a great way to get your business remembered and really showcase what you do and how you can help people.

Every event has the option to exhibit so just click the button or feel free to get in touch to learn more info@thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk

BWN March 2015 10

The earlier you book your stand for an event the more promotion we can give to you and your business.

If you send us images and links we are happy to promote you in our online marketing for your area and on the BWN website and our Eventbrite page for that event.

10% discount applies on exhibiting with the Member offer.


  • August 7, 2015

So Happy I Brought The Business, Twice!

Following our new series of interviews with BWN member’s (to be a member you just have to turn up every month. Learn more here ) here we meet new Saturday North Essex Coordinator Dawn Moss.

What made you join Utility Warehouse as a partner?

I signed up as a customer with Utility Warehouse (The Discount Club) in March 2014 having just started my first home based business (Your Interview Coach!) because at the time it was extremely important for me to reduce my outgoings. I was so happy with the savings and service that I decided to join The Discount Club as a Essex business woman Dawn Moss Utility Warehousepartner because I wanted to share all the benefits with my personal network.

I immediately saw the benefit of a business model that builds a residual income. Longer term this residual income will create more time for me to do the things I’m really passionate about (volunteering, coaching, training, horse riding, travelling across Europe and beyond!!)

I’ve always enjoyed supporting people to improve their lives in some way – so for me it was a no brainer to show home owners how they too could reduce their household bills with little effort on the services they already use – so they can spend their hard earned income on the nicer things in life (holidays, weekend’s away, family days out, meals out, etc).

How many years have you been in business?

I’ve been a business partner with Utility Warehouse since September 2014.

What do you love most about running your own business?

I like meeting new people and its rewarding being able to share the benefits of the business with my friends, family and business associates alike and there are lots of benefits – Savings, Simplicity, & Award Winning Customer Service.

What do you hate most about running your own business?

I’m not very good at cold calling – luckily there are lots of other options to grow a business that don’t require making those dreaded calls most people hate receiving!

What benefits do you get from networking?

I really enjoy building long term relationships and getting to know people in both formal and informal environments. For me networking is the best and most effective way of building trust and credibility. I’ve also been lucky enough to make some very good friends through networking.

What was the reason that you decided to be a member at The BWN?

The BWN has gained a very good reputation over the years (all credit to its founder Mandie Holgate) and I’ve always heard good feedback from the women who have attended the events.

What really works for me is that there is the right balance between having a structured format and time to have genuine conversations and network informally.

There’s always a slot for personal development and a chance to gain valuable information for running your business from the wonderful expert speakers.

The BWN events also offer a variety of options to promote and present your business – from a 60 second promo slot, to sponsoring an event or having your own stand.

There is also a guaranteed warm welcome to everyone attending the events – I like that too!

What do you see the future holding for your business?

I’m very excited about the future (putting the BWN Saturday Networking Events aside!) I’m very much looking forward to growing my business and showing as many people as possible the benefits of joining the discount club and I’m also very focused on recruiting more driven and enthusiastic people to join my existing team.

And if like Dawn cold calling makes you wish your spleen would burst and get you out of the office, you may benefit from this short blog article by Business Woman’s Coach, Mandie Holgate

All members are welcome to answer these 7 questions and feature in our blog along with on our social media and you may even get a mention in our newsletter too. Just send your answers to us at info@thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk

  • July 21, 2015