I wasn’t going to write an Olympic inspired blog. I really wasn’t.

In the run up the Olympics and since the events began, it seems like everyone has decided that the way to get noticed to include the word Olympic in their marketing spiel. And here at The Business Womans Network, we don’t always like to follow the crowd.

But then I was thinking about how many times the athletes have said that the cheering of the crowd spurred them on to success. I believe that one of the teams from another country complained that the chants of “Team GB” were too loud down at Eton Dorny. The commentators certainly kept on saying that the crowd were the extra person in the GB boats.

And then I was listening on one of the cyclists talking about how they all have different pre-race routines and how in between one of the races he was feeling anxious/unsettled (I forget the exact words, but you get the drift) so he spoke to the team psychologist and after that he felt fine and went on to win.

Finally I was listening to one of the other athletes thanking all the people who had contributed to their success.

And these are the conclusions I came to:

  1. We all need someone or something to spur us on to greatness. Maybe it’s a piece of music that gets you pumped up, maybe it’s a good friend who just always knows the right thing to say.
  2. Asking for help is absolutely fine.
  3. We all need experts. Athletes have lots of experts to help them. I’d bet there’s not one gold medallist out there who is their own dietician or physio or coach. 


So be a gold medallist – get the help you need and work out who or what spurs you on.

And let The BWN know what you do and what are your results.

  • August 7, 2012
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