I am surrounded by business women every day and its great I can tell you.

However I am not blogging today just to tell you how much I like my job, the reason I am blogging today is because I get asked (a lot!) “What do I need to do to make my business more successful?”


This is a bit like asking how big is a piece of string.

Because Success looks different to different people. One person’s ideal of success may be happy making a £1000 profit a month, working 9 to 5 and taking Friday afternoons off to go shopping with friends, while another’s could be to be chucking Sir Alan Sugar off of The Apprentice because you are so rich and famous you make Alan look a Saturday boy at your local newsagent.


So before you start running around the country (or the world) looking for success, have you sat down and asked yourself what success looks like to you?


This may seem a bit “airy fairy” but the fact is if you don’t know what it looks like how are you going to get it?


You need to be able to visualise every last minute detail of your business and personal life. What time in your ideal business world do you get out of bed? How often do you check your email, who works for you? Where are you working? Do you want to travel with your work? What kind of lifestyle does your business give you?

Answering these questions (and plenty more) will really bring your ideal of success alive. Notice I say ideal. Because that is what you want to concentrate on. No one wants to aim for “that will do for now!”


When you have thought about this, you need to start getting specific. If you are going to be driving this car, and employing this many people and working across the UK, How much money do you need to be turning over? More importantly how much profit do you need to make? What do you do with that profit? How do you spend your time enjoying your business? Celebrating your successes?

Get Specific on every detail.

When you get this specific you are programming your brain to look for clues. Ever noticed when you want something where ever you go you see one? The world has not tipped on its axis to put more in your path, it’s just your brain is concentrating on it so much, it spots every last opportunity to get it.

So use this tool to great effect, where ever you go, think about the outcome you want, how this slots in with your ideal of success and GET SPECIFIC!


For more ideas on achieving your goals and having the success you deserve – sign up to our top tips on the home page, alternatively get in touch, it would be great to talk more and learn what you want and how we can help you get it.


And don’t forget Mark Rhodes will be talking about just this hot topic on the 5th of July at The Business Woman’s Network Chelmsford event.

Are you visualising yourself joining us and learning how to make this work for you and YOUR SUCCESS?

  • August 23, 2011
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