When we run our own business or are passionate about the success of someone elses it is all too often possible to end up working in the business instead of working on it. We know that right?

But this got me thinking, you see. As a business coach I have my own coach and mentor and I understand the importance of this. But I often get asked if I would use a coach. I find that a bit of a funny thing to ask really.

Because if someone is a hairdresser or dentist, do they look after their own hair or teeth? Or do they ensure they go to one of the best, someone they trust?

So in those instances it is obvious to see the need to rely on others expertise even though you are the expert yourself. But what about if you speciality is sales and marketing, or business development, or web design?

Because I think there is this expectation that if you run a business that offers a specialist facility to the business world there seems to be this belief that you can’t ask for help and get support yourself.

And it seems there are the 2 extremes here. Either there is the desire to seek out the best and ensure that because they are in that area of business expertise they work with the best or the worrying opposite, to act like you have everything in control and not seek help, advice and support.

We have all heard of a web designer who is unhappy with their website because they are so busy looking after everyone elses, but what about the trainer that feels they can’t be “seen” getting trained. Or the coach that believes they must “hide” their own coaching and business development?

The fact is when you are in your business the old saying “can’t see the wood for the trees” can be very true. Relying on a second pair of eyes (and the brain and skills that go with it) can be a wonderful way to bring new ideas and fresh attitudes to old problems.

As humans we are able to adjust to our surroundings with great speed. Before long something that was really annoying and had to be dealt with immediately, pretty soon we are hardly noticing it anymore. Does it go away? No we just get used to it being like that.

A dear friend had a lovely house in London and for years their halll way was undecorated. It became a joke that “no it’s not finished yet.” Looking from the outside (not of the house of the family)  I couldn’t understand why such a beautiful home had an entrance that did not match the rest of it, but they had just got used to it looking like that. Bare walls and half stripped wood work was a look that they had got used to.

So what have you got used to in your business? What are you ignoring because “I’m too busy” and “its not important”?

If a fresh pair of eyes came into your business today, what would they notice, that you have adjusted to and accepted as “IS”?

if you are not sure, ask a trusted friend. I have found that not only does The BWN give me new customers, new ideas and opportunities. It is also provides me with a fabulous support network and a great sounding board to grow my business. If I am ever in any doubt then I know I can always use the focus and feedback group and get the fresh eyes on my business I need.

So why did I call this a dent in my business. Because I think that sums it up well. You see I worked in the car industry for many years. And guess who was the only one that had a dent in their car? Yep, me.

We were so busy looking after our customers cars that my car became an after thought. A “do it later job”. What kind of an image was that for our potential customers? Luckily for us our customers all came via insurance companies or our fabulous word of mouth. But if image had to be reflected in the staff’s cars what was my car saying?

So today take a step back, and look at your business and see if there are any dents, because if there are and you don’t fix them, what is that saying to potential customers?

Great to keep in touch, so if I can be of any assistance anytime please do get in touch. It may take a little while to reply but I promise I will. You can contact me via mandie@mandieholgate.co.uk

Happy Businesses


  • August 23, 2011