Okay so a blog has many uses, obviously it raises your profile, it raises awareness of your brand, it builds rapport with clients and gets potential clients to know about you and your company. It gets you known as a thought leader and it allows you to share your knowledge and ideas with a wider audience.

But for me today it has a new role. It can correct the papers – how lucky am I to have an arena to set the record straight.

On Monday evening while minding my own business in my home about 6 oclock, the phone rang and a newspaper asked for my opinion of the new show “The Only Way is Essex” which I was happy to give.

At this stage I had seen clips of the show, but had more importantly enjoyed Chris Moyles visit to the area and he’s take on it.

At the time I felt too that there were role models all over the country that can be portrayed in this stereotypical way and that it was what we choose to believe about them, that is the issue.

However as a business women who meets hundreds of women across Essex every week I do take a slightly stronger view.

While I am a confident successfull business woman who has no need to take her clothes off to be a success (thank god) what role model are we setting for the impressionable next generations? What message does this send to my 6 year old “Hannah Montanna wannabe” daughter?

You see the reason I am a confident woman is because I trust in myself, in my ability and the person that I am. I do not need to look outside to ask what am I good at? What can I achieve?

But having worked as a business amabassador in a Girls High School I am concerned that this is not a great show for them to see.

If the show makers had really wanted to make a show about our area. What about a fantastic Mary Portas style show looking at the changing face of women in Essex?

What about looking at the out of date stero types of days gone past of white stilettos and to today’s women who are successfully juggling mother hood and business and many other amazing roles? Or what about a show that looked at empowering the next Emma Wimhurst, or Mary Portas? What about a show that took the women that I get to work with on start up business courses and allow us to do a show about turning their dreams into realities without a show down at the bank first? What about a show that showed the true face of Women of Essex that was a positive story of enlightment and inspiration to everyone that saw it?

Or do I wonder if it was all too easy to make a show like this, and the latter would have involved a level of dedication and commitment, something the Women of Essex have but maybe the show makers do not.

Please do share your stories – I am proudly living and working in Essex and I do think it is a beautiful place with a great diveristy to it. So share your thoughts….

  • August 23, 2011