I often get asked “why should I come along to The BWN, what makes it any different to the other networks out there?”

And up until now I have had a wide variety of reasons for joining The BWN.

(Don’t forget every business woman that has ever walked through our doors is considered a member because we have no membership fees, we are not about getting a nice big membership fee out of you, so if you are reading this, and turn up at an event then you have joined. Wow that was easy, wasnt it?)

Only this week more than one business woman has told me that they are not renewing their membership fees with other networks, when I asked them why they told me similar things…”The fact is not only do I get more work from coming along to The BWN, I also get so much more and its more fun.”

Well you can’t argue with that can you?

Although the reason for my blog is not just a big love in for The BWN, its because over the past month I have truly grown to appreciate what The BWN really does for business womens success.


Over the past month I have developed an understanding of the subtler ways in which The BWN stands out.

Okay so yes we do go out of our way to get you the great contacts, leads and business opportunities, and we know that works for your success. But I had not appreciated the extent to which we support one another.

I at the moment am going through a health crisis, that has left me near on bed ridden for most of January. If you knew me you would know that I am one of lifes do-ers. Sittting around doing nothing is likely to overload my brain with boredom. but for good or bad I have been so poorly I have not even exeperienced boredom. But what I have experienced is a wealth of support and advice from women at The BWN. They have rallied round to ensure that everyone knows about my business and the BWN events that I am responsible for. They have sent me well wishes and thoughts, and have made me feel truly missed. I am overwhelmed by the sincerity and kindess that I have experienced. (It is a struggle to type this but I wanted to show my gratitude.)


Also this week, one of the business women that comes to our events in Essex has experienced one of the most awful things a person can experience with the loss of her husband.

I know I and many other business women have been there to support her at this terrible time, and it made me feel so special to be a part of The BWN. To be at the funeral this week and see so many BWN business women there to support this fabulous business woman through this awful time. What is more I know that over the difficult coming months, I and so many other business women will be there to support this woman as she starts to rebuild her life. And I know it means the world to her that she is not stepping out back into her business alone, that she has the might of The BWN behind her.

There are so many stories I could share with you like this. that have truly helped me to appreciate that The BWN is a powerful team that works together for your success. Whether you want to pop along once in a while for a speaker that takes your fancy or whether you want to ensure that everyone is networking and promoting your business for you by coming reguarly. The BWN is the place where you will get what you need for success.

So often we forget that success is not just about the amount of hours you can pour into your business, or the extent of your knowledge of the calibre of your product, it is also about you the person.

Every person on this planet needs to feel appreciated, loved, respected and cared for. We all need to know that when the chips are down, there are people there that genuinely care about us. And that applies just as much if not more in our professional lives.

I know first hand that the business women at The BWN are as passionate about our tagline (which we live by) as we are, which is fantastic, it truly means that the BWN is THE resource for business women’s success, and I am so incredibly proud to be a part of this.

In case you don’t know our tagline, it is “As Passionate About Your Success As You Are” – and many many business women will tell you, we mean it.

So writing this has exhausted me I am going to finish with big thank you’s to.

Samantha Frickers, Clare Lauwerys, Jacueline Long, Loess Overbury Tapper, Bridget Greenwood, Kathryn Ebdon, Susan Pattrick, Kathy Ennis, Pavlenka Small, Julie Binder, and anyone else that on this amount of meds I might have forgot.

Thank you – I know that my passion is your success, but it feels very special knowing that you feel the same way. You eptimise what The BWN is about. Thank you.

  • August 23, 2011