We are so pleased you joined us.

By joining us we Aim to help you get the best out of business. 

We will support you in many ways, but first;

There's 2 actions we need from you: 

1. Please email mandie@thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk

with the subject line "Access Insiders Please" and we will add you to the confidential secret Facebook group. This is where you will find a lot of support. And we mean a lot!

2. To receive free promotion on our website, please email the relevant information to info@thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk for the members page click here.


How to get the most out of the Insiders;

There's a lot to take in so we will give you this information over on the confidential mastermind group too;

Check out the great discounts and offers from our affiliates that you can now benefit from. To access discounts with affiliates follow the instructions on your Facebook Welcome post.

It’s your confidential place to learn new skills, ask anything, research ideas and gain new business.

You can post Facebook lives (practising a speech, elevator pitch, Facebook live), links to your blog, YouTube channel, website etc to receive feedback and advice on best practice, improvements and ideas.

It’s confidential so you are safe in the knowledge it is never discussed outside of this private community. It is also a non-judgemental zone so if you are struggling with something it's safe to say.

Are you not ready to go live yet or hate public speaking? Need try out and idea? Practice on our confidential mastermind group.

We all have things to learn so you are safe to learn here.

Training. You can access all past webinars, worksheets and posts on a wide range of subjects just by using the magnifying glass to your left on the Facebook group. You will also find this a useful way to source our 5 day challenges.

This is a group of hard working, highly skilled business owners, professionals and charities who care about each other, so the more you share the more the Insiders can help. And you can share your expertise too.

If you prefer to stalk, that’s fine too.

If you need advice but don’t want to ask tag @mandieholgate there is also the option to post anonymously - you are welcome to.

Business School 

The confidential business school is where you will find information that you need in bite sized sections that lead on to Mandie Holgate's courses which are in depth training for you and your staff that you get big discounts on. https://thebwninsiders.teachable.com/courses

BWN INsiders business school

  • Discounts
    You will find the discount codes to work with our affiliates in the business school. If you are not satisfied with an affiliates products and services we would like to know.
    And you will find Mandie's business and confidence courses are available to you exclusively with 50% discounts. https://mandiie-holgate-business-life-coach.teachable.com/
    If you've enrolled those courses you can also sell them and keep 50% - just ask us for a pretty link to share and get your 50%.

    Please remember all content is confidential and not for sharing. It's all given to you at a very reduced rate of £10 a month.

    This is what you get for £10 a month;

    Networking event 1 per month                                        £165.00 Membership Group with free training and coaching                                                                                                                £120.00
    FREE business school                                                       £600.00
    Published articles (Per article)                                          £75.00
    50% discount - Business, Writing, Communication &
    Confidence courses                                                           £665.00
    10% discount coaching Mandie Holgate (1 year)        £540.00
    Promotion on The BWN website with links                 £150.00
    35% on sponsoring BWN website                                   £100.00
    10 - 25% from 15 affiliates - legal, data protection, printing,
    VA services, Tech, website design, HR, accountancy, etc.

                                                                                             £50 to £500
    TOTAL                                                                                £2630.00

    You can see why Insiders say it's worth a lot more than £10 a month!

    DON’T try and do everything at once.
    If you need guidance on where to start just say. Starting with your goals and needs right now can be a good place to start.
    FREE Networking;

    Don't forget we also have a monthly networking and mentoring session.

    We've a mountain of resources to help you get the most out of your business, team and you - so if you don't see what you need, please feel free to email me - mandie@thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk

The boring bits;

You have signed up to pay £10 per month only. We  can not access your payment method to alter or stop payments, this is all in your control.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We ask that you email us of this action so that we can remove you from the business school, confidential mastermind group, BWN website, blog and change the passwords to cease all affiliate discounts.

We know this is not likely to happen, but we like to make it clear how easy business with us is. No ties in with us.

PLEASE No sales posts, events or motivational posters on the confidential mastermind group – unless they’re yours and you’re asking for advice on them – which is fine.

(You are actively encouraged to tag us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and we will promote you for free!)

We encourage you not to host private conversations because you will miss out on the opportunity to showcase to other Insiders how you can help them. Many Insiders use the magnifying glass to revisit content.

That's it for rules - we like to keep it relaxed, productive and inclusive.

If you have ideas for BWN Insiders please get in touch. We truly are as passionate about your success as you are.

And lastly...

We are very proud of the work the Insiders does together and how businesses (and people) thrive as a result. The more we know, the more we can help. So tell us what you need and together we will work to make business better.



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