When we launched the BWN, the idea had just been to support local restaurants and hotels on their quiet days and get a few business women together to share ideas and opportunities.

It’s turned out just like so many businesses, very differently.

Because of the proactive nature of the BWN and the fact we really do listen to what business women want and need, we have stepped up our game. This is key in business. To listen to your customers. What are they saying? What are they asking for? Even if you do not currently offer what they need, could you?

The BWN did and now look at us!

But I wanted to share with you a secret – Just as everyone has a “That’s it I am going to go and work in Tesco’s” Day. Everyone does the following (at some stage);

Business starts – Business grows – Business listens to customers needs and developes new products – business grows.

That’s the fact, but this is how it feels.

You see, you start off on a path and you don’t even notice that in actual fact it has a bit of a incline, but you keep going and before long you look round and you realise that you can see quite a long way from you higher vantage point. Congratulations you have stuck your head above the rest and people are now noticing you and your company. so you keep going, and before long you are now climbing a steep mountain, but it feels good but then suddenly you turn around and you realise in actual fact you are alone. On top of a big mountain, Your first thought is “Wow, what a great view” and then you start to worry…..How did I get up here? Gulp everyone can see me, am I ready for this?

The fact is stepping up to the Precipice is a scary moment. For a long time you had that worry of “Can I make it?” and now you have to contend with a new thought “Can I sustain it?” “Can I continue to achieve as much as I already have?”

Well the fact is yes you can!

Remember that everyone has these moments. Many business women are very enviable of you and the fact that you are already there, so appreciate that.

Think about your support network – who can you turn to on the days of worry and self doubt and just importantly who will sap you of your belief in you and your business?

For more tips and ideas, join us on our top tips.

And always know that at the top of your mountain the BWN can see you very clearly and we like what we see!

  • August 23, 2011
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