Something Damaging Owners Business’s – Is It Affecting Yours?

I’d like to share something with you that I see on far too often an occasion to not share the ideas with you.

I believe that if you see something in your business affecting your customers then its highly likely it is affecting other people that are not even aware of the impact on their business and it’s always good to share the love and do your bit I feel, (and it’s a great way to interact with potential customers too, so get writing a blog folks) so here goes…

I personally believe that every business woman is capable achieving everything they wish to, but guess what, there is something that regularly stands in the way. For many of you into personal development you will have heard the saying get out of the way of your success. However let me paint you a picture….

…You have just finished working with a new client, they are that impressed they wanted to shake your hand, and give you the nice fat cheque in person and personally thank you for how brilliant your company has been and how much you have helped them achieve.

As the conversation closes they say to you, I am going to recommend you to everyone that I know and I am going to ensure they pick up the phone and learn about how great you and your business are.

You on the inside are grinning from ear to ear, with that sense of satisfaction of a job well done and lots more wonderfully happy customers in the pipe line.

Just before you leave the client says to you “Can I make a comment?” To which you obviously reply of course, (you are still on happy cloud 9 remember.)

“I’m not keen on that outfit you’re wearing”

What happens here is incredibly unlikely to happen however the equivalent happens all the time.

You walk away completing dismissing all the fantastic feedback, how happy the customer was, how they are going convert everyone they know into happy customers and all you can concentrate on is the “not keen on your outfit comment.”

Let me put it in another way, imagine a blank piece of paper, think of all that lovely white space to create on. Now add a dot in the middle. And guess what the eye concentrates on?

What I’m talking about here is constructive criticism. It is imperative that we learn from our mistakes to take ourselves and our businesses forward, but how many times do you walk away from a scenario having only heard the negative?

Too many business women jeopardise their success or reign in the impact of what they can achieve by only concentrating on the negative, by ignoring the compliments that are paid to you.

So from now on, of course continue to use constructive criticism to grow your business, your skills and your success but what do you need to do to ensure you listen to all the great stuff too?

What do you need to do to believe from this moment in time – I mean from the moment you are reading this right now, to ensure that you are the confident business woman on the inside too?

Did you know I recently read research that said that the most successful people in the world tend to be the people that always accept a compliment with the words “Thank you”.

And when this research was taken further they found out that criminals, people that had dropped out of school, people that had failed businesses, or saw themselves as having suffered severe bad luck in life were more likely to dismiss the compliment, with things like;

“What this old thing? I’ve had it for years.”
“Oh it was nothing anyone could have fixed that for you.”

“It’s nothing that no one else couldn’t have told you.”

So from today be nice to yourself in the words of the long running L’Oreal campaign (and folks it’s not long running for nothing you know, these words work) “Because we’re worth it”

I put it to you (Your honour) – that you are most definitely worthy of the compliments that head your way. And that from today if you want to rocket your success and see your dreams become reality you are going to start accepting and thanking people for their compliments.

Your mind is a muscle and if you don’t use it you lose it, so keep it occupied with all the negative stuff heading your way and guess what impact that has on your success? Your motivation? Even your daily business tasks?

So keep it programmed with positivity.

If you would like some ideas on how to turn this idea into a positive habit and to ensure you program your brain with the good stuff to rocket your success, just get in touch, it would be great to hear from you – and your thoughts good and bad are always welcome.

Mandie x

This article was first published in 2011. We still believe in building your confidence, self belief and mindset as well as your business – now we’ve as many business men members as we have business women members – do join us! Learn more and join here.

  • August 23, 2011
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