Snapping up the perfect images – Business and family

Here INsider member Mark Alefounder from The Best Lil Photo shares top tips on taking great shots for your business and for the family gifts this Christmas (and any time of the year! Let’s face it those pictures that are cute now will be priceless in 15 years time. If you would like to write for our blog, this is a FREE service to all Insiders (Join here) or £55 per article. Discounts apply to multiple articles.

“Why your Home could be the best location for your Photo session!

Professional family photography

Family phone snaps will always have a place, but they will never compare to the quality images and portraits that are produced by a professional family photographer. You might think the latest phone gives you access to quality photography but with the latest camera technology, the ability to manipulate light and editing expertise, a professional will produce images of your family you simply couldn’t get yourself.

May be an image of baby and indoor
You can’t hide from a great photo!

What about a Studio?

At this time of year an outdoor photography session can be affected by our unpredictable weather so you may be considering a studio photoshoot. The first problem with a studio is location. You need to get to it rather than the other way round. How easy is it to get to? How far away is it? You might have seen photographs, but you never really know what it’s like until you turn up. The biggest problem however is that many people find the whole studio environment a little intimidating even clinical with so much equipment on show. If you don’t feel comfortable about visiting a studio, you’re not going to feel comfortable once you arrive.

What if I don’t feel comfortable in a studio?

There is an alternative. Why not use your own home for a family photo session?

Your home could be the perfect backdrop helping to form part of your family story. Imagine looking back at the photos in the future. More than looking at a family moment captured in time it becomes memories of a family home, a family life, a family room and even an assessment of old family furniture.

Is my house suitable for an at home Photo session?

I know what you’re thinking. Everybody does! “But my house is a mess”!

Yes, I know it can be stressful considering inviting a professional family photographer into your home for a photoshoot. You are probably thinking your house is too small or there isn’t enough room as well. You’ll be pleased to know that these are all concerns that have been raised many times before. We have dealt with, managed, and removed these concerns every time.

What about my children?

In my last Blog I talked about children’s behaviour. In their own home playing with their own toys in their own environment most children are untroubled by the appearance of a photographer. Another potential advantage of keeping things `in house`.

Natural Photographs

We don’t want to take your family photos in a show home we want to show the reality of your life. Natural shots, candid shots capturing real moments in your real lives. There’s no harm in a little mess, it’s a home and you have children or a baby.

I’ve been there. Children make a mess. Constantly. If you tidy up when your toddler is still awake you’ve probably wasted your time. If you have a newborn baby they won’t be untidy, but you will create your own clutter. It’s hard looking after a baby. Mum and Dad is a full-time job without any other jobs you might have. If you’ve got no clutter and a newborn baby, how are you doing it!? Tell everybody or write a book quick!

What I will concentrate on as a photographer

Even though it would really help if you did what you can to prepare your house prior to your shoot, I will be paying more attention to lighting as well as the background of your photos anyway. If needs, be I would work with you to shift things around to help get the best possible photos. An at home photo session is about collaboration and I love that part of the photo shoot.

As a photographer its my aim to show you and your surroundings in the best possible light. There will always be places that you won’t want photographed and that’s fine. I will be looking to use rooms that have the best light, but I will also bring along lights that will provide that for me if natural light isn’t available.

What’s the biggest benefit of an at home photo session?

I can bring professional studio lighting, backgrounds, and props to your home. What that means for you is all the benefits of a studio family photo or Newborn baby photo session but in your own home. You don’t have to leave your house. A home photo session with all the professional lighting and camera equipment you need.

Why a Newborn Baby at home photo session?

A home photo session for a Newborn baby is a great option. Baby will always feel most settled in their own home. No need to upset them by waking them up, getting them dressed, putting them in the car, driving to the studio, taking them out of the car, putting them in another pram or chair, taking layers of clothes off, changing them again and so on.

A home photo session means Baby is at home, content, happy, relaxed and doing what makes it happiest until I arrive. I can even set up without disturbing them. Often with a newborn baby shoot at home they might not even wake up.

At home we can make use of favourite blankets, toys and muzzies. If you don’t have those things or want more, I bring round a large plush luxurious round bean bag, blankets, a couple of new knitted hats and a few props. If you’ve got a feeding chair or are particularly proud of your nursery, we can include photographs of baby with those too. These are Photos you simply couldn’t get anywhere else.

Will your next photo session be at home?

Whether its family photography with mum dad and children. Newborn babies or grandparents etc the photos can be taken at home.

I can provide you with photographs that will reflect you and your family which you can transform into beautiful pieces of art you can display in your home.”

Mark shares lots of advice on capturing the perfect image to tell your story over on the Insiders and on his site here so if you are struggling for Christmas gifts a photo shoot could be perfect.

  • November 16, 2021