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Richard Denny shares his top ten tips and when a man who has won praise from the BBC  claiming”Richard is a legend on the international speaking circuit”, the Daily Telegraph describing him as “The UK’s guru of motivation” whilst the Times says he is “The master of professional salesmanship”, it’s worth taking note.

Richard Denny Top Ten Tips

1-    Look the part – your appearance should apply to your product/service

2-    Don’t sit in receptions – (why? – because you want to meet someone at the same level, not with you sitting and them standing.  By not taking a seat, reception thinks you’re terribly important).  You feel much more significant – so don’t sit in reception areas)

3-    Decide your payment terms

4-    Results on your business cards – how you achieve the results on the reverse

5-    Really listen – what is said and what is not said

6-    Build your database of every contact, our market place is people – Richard’s biggest guilt is that he has not captured all the names of the people that he has worked with through out the years

7-    Negotiate a deal – if someone asks for a discount, reply with do you mind if I ask you why do you want a discount?  Always exchange don’t do a price crumble

8-    Welcome a complaint – be enthusiastic about receiving complaints, we all get them from time to time.  Great opportunity to turn them into an ambassador, a business shows it’s real strength on how it rectifies it’s problems

9-    Provide a guarantee

10-  Say thank you


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  • May 14, 2012
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