Yesterday’s event was great fun both for us presenters and for everyone that attended.

But more importantly it was good for business and great for helping with the things that you hate but you know you should be doing for business success.

Okay so we all know that we should be able to jump up and do a great presentation on any area of business at any given opportunity, right? But how many actually would if they were given the opportunity? And more importantly how many would feel that it was a great opportunity and that they did a good job?

At yesterday’s event we looked at public speaking and how it is essential that you are able to give great presentations but what is it that holds you back?

We looked at these obstacles and had some very original ideas to get people starting to change their attitude to public speaking.

One of the tools we used was getting into pairs and asking one person to be the speaker and the other person to be the audience. The “audience” was asked to look bored, sigh, make no eye contact and basically act like it was John Major talking about the merits of soggy cabbage. The effects were brilliant. 

Business women quickly appreciated that although it is a scary thing to stand up and be in the limelight it is completely achievable for most people on some level.

This exercise showed our brave business women that you can get people interested (however much they act like they are not!) and that if the worse does happen, you can get through it.

Tools like this help you appreciate that many of your fears are unjustified. Unfortunately we live in a very judgemental society that constantly picks on everyone. “She’s too fat” “She’s too thin” “She can’t sing” “What is she wearing”

No wonder when we step up to speak we worry that we are being scrutinised like that too!

But the fact is the business women yesterday not only got free chocolate and some gorgeous Arbonne products for being so brilliant but they also reduced those fears.

The reality is that the best way to overcome fears is to take up the challenge and just do it. So what better place to start than in a supporting and genuinely educational environment that only wants the best for you?

We know the next time those Business women have to give a 60 seconds pitch or an hour long presentation to a potential buyer that yesterdays chocolate, fun and education will be with them and the belief that says “I can do this!”

It is always a pleasure to run workshops like this and we can’t wait for the actual workshop on the 21st at the Ramada Hotel in Colchester. 

Social media, cold calling, follow up, presentation skills and values and beliefs will all be covered and more importantly lots of business women in this area will be stepping up the challenge and destroying some barriers to their success.

And you know how we love that at the Business Woman’s Network.

We hope to see you there too!

And don’t forget with the Business Premier Pack you can get this workshop for half price!And if the BPP is not for you, if you book and buy in advance we would still love to give you a great discount!

If you would like to learn more about the Gorgeous Arbonne products either join us at the workshop on the 21st and get some for free or check out Bridget Greenwoods website

And here’s the first of the great comments from yesterday’s event;

 “Great flying chocolate today, and a informative introduction to the workshop. Would love to have come along, other commitments. Fiancée would not be best please if I were to miss our wedding! ” Siobhan Parker

Now Really Siobhan is that a good excuse!

  • August 23, 2011
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