If you were part of The BWN 18 or so months ago you will no doubt remember the calendar.
If not, pay attention!

Farleigh Hospice issued a £50 challenge, asking businesses take £50 from them and see how much money they could turn it into for the hospice.

So what did we do? We stripped and made the most amazing, beautiful and inspirational calendar (also very tasteful)
And how much did we raise? Close to £5000. Pretty impressive (Though not enough to fund Farleigh for one day. They need £7850 each day for all the great things they do

Now the smart ones of you out there know where this is going!

Yes, Farleigh is issuing the same challenge and we want to make Calendar II – The Sequel

So are you up for the challenge? Can you help in anyway?

We need

  1. Strippers! Goes without saying that if no-one in The BWN is willing to get their kit off then we need to go back to the drawing board. But if you speak to anyone who did it last time they will tell you want great fun it was.
  2. Hair and make-up – we need to look at our best in the buff
  3. Props.  Sally Parkinson, our superb photographer, has already got some ideas of a theme for the calendar and if we can have a props-mistress to co-ordinate that side of things that’s one less job I have to do
  4. Launch Party planner. I need someone super-organised to completely plan the party including finding a venue that will give us the space for free.
  5. Sponsors. When we produced the first calendar each month was sponsored by a business. Excellent publicity for them and helped off set the cost of the printing. We also need sponsors for the launch party. We need someone to persuade businessess to be sponsors
  6. A printer who will make the calendar at cost or less!
  7. A sales force to take the calender and sell it wherever they can!

Farleigh’s doesn’t get money from the government. It can only do the amazing things it does thanks to donations. So <<First Name>> whatever you can do to help will be so gratefully appreciated.

Let me know what you can do at clare@thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk

Take a look at some of the pictures from our first calendar. Do you want to be a part of the next one?


  • February 21, 2013
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Jan King

Happy to strip if you’re happy to feature a wrinkly/crumbly!



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