Networking Newbie November – Share some business love.

You know Networking can work incredibly well for getting you in front of potential customers and to help you learn new skills and grow your business, but do you know someone who is still not getting great results with networking?

Did you know this October The BWN has;

Got a business owner 2 potential new customers in one week when she has not been able to network since the start of September.

Helped drive traffic to business women’s website with people that had never seen their website.

Helped a business owner find new premises.

Helped 3 women in business overcome their fear of public speaking.

Helped a charity promote their event without spending a penny.

Increased traffic to over 70 businesses websites.

Introduced 100’s of women to new contacts and arrange meetings to take business relationships further.

Helped one of the largest firm of solicitors in our area

Got Business women on TV

Helped over 50 business woman promote their business across East Anglia without even being at the event.

Introduced social media to over 25 business women, who are now using it for their business branding, promotion and success.

Got over 200 business women in front of genuine business experts and helped them learn new skills and ideas to help them grow their business or their self development to increase their success.

How popular will you be if you introduce your friends and business associates to this great resource? And what about if we got serious about ensuring every woman in business benefited from networking and so…

If you have The Business Premier Pack have a free ticket for a networking event on us and get Generous this November and give it to a Networking Newbie so that they too can benefit from The BWN, or use it on yourself as a thank you for being a fab women in business, that we love promoting, teaching, sharing, working, networking with.

Not got the BPP? Then get in touch for a 50% discounted ticket for an event, so you too can be generous with your networking newbie’s, and show them the way to business success.

These tickets are valid for any networking event in November with The Business Woman’s Network.

This is a genuine offer because as so many of you already know we genuinely are incredibly passionate about your success and in preparation for our Christmas shopping, celebration and networking event on the 14th of December at Five Lakes we just wanted to make sure all of the Business Women of East Anglia know about this great business resource.

When you share your ticket and your business love, make sure they get in touch with us at to let us know which event they will be attending and so we can say hi and ensure that learning about networking is not a scary experience, but a great one.

Whether you are an accountant, a sales director or a woman just starting out in business. Networking can work wonders, but it does not mean it is not a challenging experience to jump out of your comfort zone and walk into that event. That is why we ensure there are always networking buddies at our events, to ensure you can spot a name and get the information at the event you need and the introductions you want.

Networking newbie November – show some business love.

To learn more get in touch and let’s talk your business and professional success.

  • August 23, 2011