We’ve been alerted to this conference in London on the 19th June. And since its before our next BWN event it won’t make it in to our business ops so here’s a dedicated blog post to keep you up to date on a possible event for you and your business;

Hi BWN Business women,

I just wanted to alert you to the Mothers of Innovation conference taking place on 19 June at Microsoft in Victoria. There are some great speakers and should be some interesting ideas and it struck me that it was something that you might potentially be interested in. There’s a bit of information about it below. If you’d like a comp, do let me know – it would be great to have your input.

best wishes
Mothers of Innovation

Mothers of Innovation is a conference exploring and celebrating the power of mothers to change the world – in education, health, business and work. We will launch ground-breaking research looking at why it pays to invest in mothers as innovators and how mothers innovate in different and distinctive ways.

· Mariella Frostrup, founder of the Great Initiative
· Ayla Goksel: Transforming Education in Turkey
· Geraldine Bedell: Mothers of Innovation research
· Karyn McCluskey: Reducing gang violence by mobilising mothers
· Mar Alarcon: Social Car: peer-to-peer car sharing in Spain
· Julia Lalla-Maharajh: female genital cutting
· Carrie Longton, Mumsnet: Mothers as consumers
· Diane Perlman, Microsoft: Lean startups
· Karyn McCluskey: Mobilising a community
· Babou Olengha-Aaby: Mumpreneurs and the next billion dollar market
· Caroline Tomlinson: Innovation when parenting doesn’t go the way you planned
· Charles Leadbeater: New directions for innovation
· Dafna Ciechanover Bonas, Founders Forum For Good: New directions for innovation
· Kathy Dykeman, Facebook: New directions for innovation
· Kathryn Nawrockyi, Director of Opportunity Now, new directions for innovation

Mothers of Innovation will take place at Microsoft, Cardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL from 9.15am (registration and breakfast) to 4.45pm on 19 June.

There is also a reception at Google HQ from 6-8pm on 18 June at which Yvette Cooper MP will speak and to which everyone who is coming to the conference is cordially invited.



Thank you for the info Geraldine and business women of The BWN if you attend this event do let us know what you think and mention @BWNcouk in your #mothersofinnovation tweets!


  • June 16, 2014