Molly Olly’s Wishes

Charities are really struggling thanks to Covid-19. Here our Warwickshire coordinator Amanda Miller shares why Amanda has chosen Molly Olly’s Wishes STELLA WOMEN – Rachel Ollerenshaw

Amanda Miller and the Warwickshire The BWN group are raising awareness of Molly Ollys Wishes, a local charity founded by Rachel Ollerenshaw. Amanda is aiming to arrange a Promises Auction later in the year.

Rachel and her husband Tim set up the charity after their daughter, Molly lost her fight with Wilms Tumour in 2011. She was just 8. They had spent a large part of the preceding 5 years in and out of hospital, and Molly wanted to help other children who did not have the support that she and her family had.

Money raised helps support children from birth to 18 and their families who need additional help to ease the burdens of living with a terminal or life threating illness.

Learn more about their activities at And you can join their online world too. Even sharing their posts can help them raise their profile.

At this time you may not be able to give money but you can give time. Maybe share a few posts, like their pages, if you have skills in IT, admin, social media, PR, blogging, marketing, fund raising – give just 1 hour a month. That could mean the difference between your local charities being here in 6 months time and them closing their doors.

All offers of help can come to us or head to Amanda’s Warwickshire event page to get in touch directly.

  • March 25, 2020
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