Small Business Saturday

Small businesses are the heartbeat of the UK economy, providing jobs and preserving communities.  The 4.5 million men and women micro business owners (less than 10 employees) represent 75% of all business activities. Yet for all their massive contribution to the UK’s wellbeing, these real-life heroes of the marketplace – men and women working hard for their living, with long work hours and short holidays – are rarely acknowledged, yet alone celebrated for their efforts.

Celebrating the few who do so much for so many

We are creating a Small Business Saturday to celebrate the efforts of small business owners — and encourage entrepreneurship to help sustain and grow a thriving small business economy. Such a day will recognise that a successful and thriving small business economy involves the creativity, commitment and single-minded focus of individual entrepreneurs – from hairdressers to franchise operators, from small advertising and pr agencies to small high street shops, restaurants and hotels.

Owning a small business is probably the most risky career path anyone could follow, requiring not only hard work but also investment of personal funds and time, determination and a fair portion of luck. Thus our focus is not on the Dragons Den ‘get rich quick’ approach, but rather on highlighting all of those women and men, at every level of business life, who have made owning their own business a career.

 Aim of Small Business Saturday

To promote the effort of smaller UK micro enterprises throughout the UK as major contributors to the national economy

  • To create a positive attitude towards smaller business and entrepreneurship
  • To establish micro business owners as the ‘true heroes of the UK marketplace’
  • To show the major benefits that have accrued the UK as a result of the creativity and ceaseless commitment of micro business owners


How we will strive to connect, engage and embrace people from every walk of life

  •  Start an annual Small Business Saturday festival encouraging people across the UK to connect with local businesses, from shops to banks, hairdressers to micro manufacturers
  • Organise a one day London Conference of Small Business Owners with keynote small business speakers as well as from political parties, business etc
  • Arrange a series of one day public Small Business Owner Fair’s in the UK’s five top cities, with keynote speakers from politics, industry, lobbying associations and, above all, small business owners themselves
  • Stage  ‘community driven’ initiatives to identify and celebrate local small micro business success stories

 Who are ‘we’

The idea was launched by David Noble, founder and managing director of, the online business knowledge market. David has won the support of other like-minded entrepreneurs and organisations, including Mandie Holgatet of The Business Woman’s Network (The BWN), the Forum of Private Business (FPB) The Bank Of England, FSB and several MPs to date.

Organisational structure

David proposes that the UK’s Small Business Saturday be organised as an independent foundation, sponsored and funded by one or more private institutions, to ensure it is a credible force for entrepreneurial good. The institution will be ‘owned’ by Wanobe, The BWN and FPB, who will take responsibility for managing on a fees basis the various events and activities under the auspices of an independent General Manager.

The Aim

The aim is to create the best possible awareness among the general public about the contributions made by small business, encourage wider entrepreneurialship and drive our economy forward, creating jobs and helping build prosperity.

If you would like to know more contact;


Phil McCabe Media and PR Manager FPB

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Robert Downes Media and PR Office


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David Noble. Managing Director of  Wanobe Limited


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Mandie Holgate. Founder of The Business Womans Network     


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  • October 25, 2011
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