Change and your success – How the inside impacts on the outside

Here our Founder Mandie Holgate shares some top tips on the impact of what is going on in your head and how it can even damage sales and networking success;

If you feel good you do good. In a lousy mood? Feeling fat or ugly? Trust me it can massively impact on your results.

Sometimes we deal with the outside of our body to try and make ourselves feel good however if we don’t deal with the way we feel about ourselves on the inside then the results will fade and you won’t sustain the results.

To look great on the outside you have to feel great on the inside. Here’s a quick top tip guide to feeling great all the time;

  1. If you want to change something about yourself, before you do anything, question the reason why. mandie holgate coach network founder The BWN

What is your foundation for wanting to make this change?

Is it a realistic change that you wish to make?

What would you gain from it?

What feelings do you connect with the way you currently feel about this and how do you think this would change?

Answering these questions not only analyses your reasons for wanting to change, to establish if there is an underlining cause to your desire for change, but also when you know these answers you can ensure that you use methods to pull on the emotional strings that affect you to maintain momentum when working towards achieving your new goal. 

If you are a member of our mastermind group you will know I ask a lot of questions. Questions help you understand what is really going on instead of what someone wants you to think is going on. That’s when change and success really happen.

Not a member yet? Join here.


2. Know the person you really are.

We all want to fit in and be liked, but when you understand the person you are it can help you appreciate your unique skills and the qualities that you possess. When you admire these in yourself you can truly appreciate the person you already are. It’s not vanity it’s a quick route to success. Shhh you don’t need to tell anyone!

3. We all have rough days, but it’s not the day’s fault, it’s just the mood that you are in that makes the day seem worse – so acknowledge that.

Know what really makes you happy (and not just a glass of wine or a bar of choccy!) Inside the larder cupboard, or somewhere else prominent, put pictures that make you smile, postcards to remind you of happy holidays, drawings the children did, anything that breaks your moods pattern for a split second. And if all else fails get those endorphins flowing and that can be done with more than just chocolate!

4. To feel fantastic on the inside we need to feel loved, appreciated and valued. Do you?women working together networking business growth

If not what can you do so that you do?

When we do not feel these things it can directly affect the way we feel about ourselves. So what do you need to do?

We often hear that no matter how busy, no matter how sick you won’t miss our events? Why?

Because we boost your confidence, make you feel loved, appreciate your time and help you remind yourself of why you rock. Never forget that your network is not just about gaining sales and new business it’s also about keeping you motivated, inspired, supported, focused and accountable.

As our Insiders will tell you they know they’ve a safe space to talk about anything and appreciate how much they are valued 24/7. It’s essential in business to know where you can get good quality support and advice.

5. What inspires you?

When you feel inspired you feel passionate and fulfilled. When this happens very little can affect our self esteem and our self confidence. So ask yourself this and get connected to what really matters to you. If you are struggling there are lots of articles on mindset, confidence and resilience over on my website – they are strategies that work – help yourself here. 

We hope this quick read inspires you and supports a motivated getting results day. Need more support? Then get in touch, we are here to help you and the Insiders is our 24/7 mastermind group where magic happens!

  • March 30, 2019
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