I’m Too Busy to Network

I’m Too Busy to Network

They are 5 words that always set my alarm bells sounding.


Well it is all too easy to assume that while you are away looking after your current influx of customers no one else is filling in the gap you left behind.

And as I often say, you can’t dictate when someone is ready to buy however you can ensure that it is YOU that they chose to buy from when they are ready.

What happens then if you are off working in your business and you are not nearby?

You need to be always on peoples radar and nothing beats the face to face contact.

When you take into account it takes time to build great relationships why would you then not continue to invest the time into this?

I often see business women berating that they slowed down on their marketing stratgey including the face to face networking and they can’t believe that 3 / 6 months later it is having such an impact on their business.

It stands to reason that if it took time to build relationships it would take as long to loose them, however unfortunately that is not always the case. A great hot lead can become a warm interest after only 30 minutes so what happens if you are not around for a few months?

Another sentence that always interests me is We get all of our customers by word of mouth. Again eventually this is going to dry up, and if it does not there is a high risk that you will grow and this will not satisfy your need for customers or your bottom line.

Every business however large or small must have a fully functioning marketing production line, that ensures that while you are busy there are still plenty of new prospects coming through that will naturally pick up on many of your marketing strands to ensure they are constantly getting a reinforced message that says;

They should buy and more importantly they should buy from you.

In doing this you are ensuring your business ALWAYS has lots of happy customers.

It is imperative that you look at your marketing production line and ask yourself;

What is working here?

What should we drop?

When budgets are tight one of the first things to go is the marketing budget, but guess what this is one of the first places you should really test and measure what is working and ensure you keep up the good work.

It is never more important than when things seem to be going great guns, to be just as diligent with your marketing strategy.

So ask yourself can you answer where every new customer came from?

Can you say how much time and money it took to get that customer?

And is your Marketing Production Line working to ensure you always have tons of happy customers.

I love working on businesses sales and marketing strategies. If you are not completely happy with yours, I would love to have a chat and find out more about how I can help. But answering these key questions will be a great way to get started to powering up your marketing strategy.

If you would like a copy of what a great marketing Production Line looks like head over to our confidential mastermind group and use the magnifying glass to get a copy. Many business owners say it’s an insightful way to start your sales funnel – and it works! 

Mandie Holgate – mandie@mandieholgate.co.uk

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  • August 23, 2011
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