If we had a £1 for every time we had heard the above statement, we would be very rich little bunnies. However we don’t so we make sure our marketing brings in the customers. (and a nice little finalist in the Colchester Business Awards for Excellence in Marketing for the second year in a row!)

You see an effective marketing strategy WILL deliver leads, and if you are getting quality leads then guess what that leads to?

You guessed it, more customers.

But we do appreciate it can be tricky to factor in time to market your wares as well as to make and deliver them. So what can you do to make life easier?

Before you even think of aiming to make marketing easier to manage. Do you know what works?

If you don’t know this STOP right now. You see, you need to know what is working to deliver great leads and enquiries so that you can replicate that. So first of all concentrate on researching and analysing what works.

Stop your marketing until you know what works for success

WHEN you know this information you can then use tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule your social media. Taking into account when your ideal clients have the time to read your offerings, comment, reply, etc.

Next look at the real world marketing that works for you. Picking up the phone, public speaking networking, meetings, etc. What have the biggest impact and concentrate on making them deliver MORE to you.

For instance networking can only be effective if you dedicate to it. Know what you want beforehand. Attend regularly to build relationships so that people want to do business with you and most importantly follow up after EVERY event.

This approach needs to be applied to all areas of marketing that you have and constantly consider this…

What are you doing so that people are automatically keeping up to date with you and your business?

How can other people support your marketing strategy?

Affiliations, discounts, special offers for loyalty etc.

Unless you are a larger company with a lovely thing called a “marketing budget” this is going to come down to you and if you don’t find a way to create a marketing strategy that fits into your busy life and your hectic business, you will always have highs and lows of customers. Now wouldn’t it be nicer to just have that steady flow of new customers heading to your door?

Do you have highs and lows of new customers

This blog came out of a number of conversations with business women this week, who shared with us how tough they are finding things at the moment, we are glad that you are finding the support, ideas and advice you need at the new Business Clinic and at the BWN networking events. 


  • October 25, 2011
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