Here Gayle Berry from Blossom and Berry shares her passion for helping others as her business success escalates, Gayle is ensuring her success helps others too. A true Stella Woman!

“I am donating all my business income this week to a small charity called Love Support Unite,

“Why?” you may say. Well, it is small charity week this week and I had the good Gayle Berry Essex Business Woman & Charity Fundraiserfortune to meet the organisers of this grass roots charity 18 months ago by buying a pair of LOVE SPECS which are magical glasses which make you see hearts where there are lights. LOVE SPECS are the main fundraising tool for Love Support Unite who run an orphanage for 34 girls in Lilongwe, Malawi. All profits from LOVE SPECS go to changing lives and they are sold at all the major UK festivals to generate income.

I was totally blown away by the determination and vision of the two young women running the charity from their caravan in Brighton. They are two of the most incredible people I have ever met. I am so grateful our paths crossed. What I have learnt from working with them and the other inspirational people behind the charity is to see the potential in everything, to dream big, to be determined and never give up. To give yourself 100% to something you believe in. To give energy to a project to create momentum and impact. These incredible skills and talents have inspired me and moved me in my personal and business life. I see the world differently now.

Love Support Unite are special. They built a school for 200 children in just 7 days last year from engaging 30 incredible volunteer builders who fundraised to go to Malawi and get the project done. Because of their vision and inspiration 200 children now go to school, 6 volunteer teachers have posts, the community is enriched and will be sustainable in the next year. I find this amazing and I want to be a part of this and support it. The vision of Love Support Unite literally created education for children who there was none. The children in the village now have a more inspired and supported future.

I have also had the opportunity to create my own project with Love Support Unite. My business Blossom & Berry has created a safe motherhood and infant massage teaching scheme which goes out to communities to help give post natal support and safeguard mother and infant help. We now have 6 volunteer teachers who go to women’s groups in rural Malawi every week to teach. These women are in extreme poverty and come to the classes to receive food and support. We also work with hospital staff to teach parents massage for children with special needs and we run a foster care home for children in the community to provide refuge.

So back to creating some magic…….

Every person who enrols on one of my courses this week will receive our usual high quality fully accredited training in infant massage to enable them to start their own flexible business and their course fee will go to Love Support Unite to help them complete their sustainable school project.

I want to donate £3750.00. That is 10 enrolments on my courses. 10 women or men in the UK who will receive training to start their own supportive enterprise in the UK means 3 houses can be built for local teachers who walk 5 hours a day to teach or training for 2000 women in crop growing.

Can you help me spread the word?

If you know of anyone wanting to start their own business, this is the week to enrol with us. We are going to make even more MAGIC happen xxx. Thank you, Gayle.”

A business opportunity for you that helps others too, so please Business women, spread the word!



  • June 26, 2015
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