How to deal with perceived threat

I shared this video of a bird attacking itself in the mirror and spoke about how he was perceiving non existent threat, and it made me think how many business owners do this too. Here are 4 quick top tips to help you deal with the threats that aren’t even there that attack your mind and stop you from achieving more, because this is important to remember, if you don’t deal with these threats, even the non existent ones they will hang out in your subconscious, and that enables damage to the quality of the actions you take, your thoughts, your beliefs and your results. Ready to deal with them?

  1. Is it a real threat? So often what we think is an issue when analysed we can see that it is being blown out of proportion in our heads and is in actual fact a rather silly thing to fear. But hey I wrote a whole book about fear, don’t dismiss fear. Fear will attack your success every chance it gets. So first things first does this threat really exist? Or is it something you think could happen? What are the reasons that you think this could happen? (It is often a light bulb moment for a client when I suggest that they have decided on the outcome and it’s never a good outcome, and who says that this is the outcome you will get? Who say’s that this is fact and it’s already happened?)
  2. Why does it feel real? If you can’t help but feel like this is a real threat. Ask yourself what the reasons why could be? Let the threat feel like it’s happening right now, what do you notice? Do you feel like you are lacking in a skill set or a mindset? By understanding your perception of the threat you are able to break it down into small parts and tackle it.
  3. What proof do you have that you can get through this? If you know it’s not a real threat, or even a perceived one that felt real! What evidence do you have that you can get the results you want? In your experience and past there will be examples of how you have overcome adversity, gained results when no one else could (or thought you could!) and succeeded. So although you may sit there scratching your head thinking “aaa I can’t think of any Mandie” I bet you the moon on a stick you could find the evidence if you needed to. And here is the thing….you do need to! Because if you don’t you are agreeing to enabling that perceived threat to turn into a fear that will damage your success. So it’s suddenly seems easier to list the occasions that you overcome threats in the past right?
  4. If it is a real threat, then how will you ensure you don’t encounter it again? Threats real or perceived need to be understood. By doing this you have skills for the future that make your chances of success higher (why do you think people work with coach’s for years? It’s so they can ensure they are always working on the real threats and extinguishing the imagined ones!) What procedures do you need to put into place to ensure you don’t encounter this threat to your success again? This can be anything from scheduling time to deal with X to ensuring I network twice a month to stop myself from becoming isolated.  Remember no one need know what actions you plan, however your success will appreciate the helping hand in dealing with the negativity that aims to damage your success. So plan today!
  • February 28, 2017