Can you be professional naked?

This is a question that many business women from the BWN are finding themselves asking over the next week as the date of the shoot for the Naked BWN Charity Calendar draws near.

But to be honest with you, since I (stupidly) suggested this at our Colchester event (and they snapped my arm off at the idea, rather bizarrely) I have found myself asking that very question.

You see I have spent a long time building up a great reputation both for my own business as a coach and for The Business Woman’s Network and as Dinah Liversidge taught us last year it takes a life time to gain a great reputation / credibility and seconds to lose it.

It’s like climbing a mountain to get it and falling down a slippery slope to lose it.

So should we get naked for our businesses?

The business women involved will benefit from lots of free publicity for their businesses, our businesses details will be on the walls of businesses up and down East Anglia (and beyond?) for the next year ensuring we keep on the radar of business owners helping them be ready to buy from us, but at what cost?

And as I have spent the last month thinking about this I realise, as much as the right suit/image can create the “image of professionalism” professionalism comes from within. It comes from your actions and what more powerful action can you have that says I passionately care about my business and helping others than by doing something that challenges you so much?

Right now as you read this what percentage of people are saying “I couldn’t do that”?



 I bet it is even higher, the fact is we have 30 very brave business women that as we speak are clearing packed schedules so that they can be there for the big shoot on the 20th June at Layer Marney Towers in Essex.

BTW how many of those 30 business women have been considering “which angle” works best and have been practicing in front of the mirror……okay me too. But seriously this is a big thing for a woman. We have so many hang ups about our bodies. We use clothes, makeup and gorgeous shoes (me a lover of gorgeous foot wear? ) to hide our insecurities and here are 30 business women going to remove the camouflage and bare all, not just their flesh but their true feelings.At the time I thought THIS was showing too much.

(In case you are wondering they have me in a Super Girl cape and 6 inch platform boots– Not sure of the relevance? Pop along to an event or check out my Facebook page. And at the time I thought THAT outfit was risqué .)

As a coach I say and teach my clients that I will have no obstacles to my success. I have never seen a picture of me I like and yet here I am about to get naked and have my photo taken….mmmm…comfort zone much?

But I don’t believe in comfort zones, I have always said, “I like to get so far out of my comfort zone that you can’t see it anymore.”

Well I am pretty certain this will do it.

Bring on the shoot on the 20th June – we are ready, willing and able… we will ever be.

You Can book to be at the free Calendar launch night and networking event in Colchester open to business men and women on the 7th July, By Clicking Here

Gratefully supported by Essex Chambers (who have excting news for you on this night) and Colchester Connected for Farleighs Hospice in Essex. You can also book a stand.

Oh and yes we are all too aware how little time that gives us to produce this calendar, but hey us business women can rise to any challenge.

  • August 23, 2011
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