Business Women – What to do on those tough I quit days

We love our members and our coordinators. Here Lisa Hardy who hosts our Suffolk BWN networking events gets real about home schooling, many business hats, networking, staying motivated and days when you want to say “Oh sod it, let’s play int the pool….”

“I don’t know how you guys are feeling. I have been really pleased with myself, and my family, with our adjustment to lock down life this past 7,8,9 who knows weeks. Yes, there have been hick ups. Lets face it your either born to home school or your not.

No surprises, I’m not. We have made it work in our own way, just like every family out there. Hubster at home all day, well a work related accident kept him at home most of last year. Turns out, we quite like spending time together and enjoy each others company, who knew?  When we need space, I have the office, he has his garage aka The Dork Fort.  Finding a solution to the issue, it seems, is little used strength of mine. My mantra has emerged as – we don’t need perfect, we need suitable. It is on the right side of positive so I see it as a plus.

Here it comes……..BUT I just don’t know what has happened to my mindset these last few days.

Its like the drive, power and ‘can do’ attitude, that have filled my many lock down days so far, left when the wheelie bins were emptied on Friday afternoon. It got me a little worried. I am going to be a fully paid up, card carrying member of the work from home  gang for quite a while to come. What if I have hit a wall and that is the end of my motivation?

Pfft…………….Get a grip Hardy.

Is this the first time I have ever lost my focus? No! Its not like I didn’t have “I cant be arsed days” before 23rd March 2020, so why are these two days worrying me so much now?

My guess, and it really is a guess at this stage,  is that normally when I am losing my way, I get out with people. In short, I rely on the events that allow me to network.  That gathering of people with a hunger to be social , is the perfect butt kick for my flawed focus.

As the Suffolk events Coordinator of The Business Womens Network I am still networking weekly, in the virtual sense, but I miss the inspiration physically being with people creates.

I am not going to beat myself up, force myself to sit in the office until my new mantra becomes “just get it done and over with”. Instead, it seems, I am going to pour my head and its contents out into this piece, make a cuppa and sit and watch my girls enjoy the sunshine and their new paddling pool.

Because there is always tomorrow to sort out the work”.

To keep in touch with our wonderful coordinator Lisa Hardy 07736284514

Lisa is a Tropics Ambassador, Lead Role Actor Responsive Roles, Coordinator Ipswich & Felixstowe Business Womens Network and owner of a hair dressers and beauty salon – because hey she has nothing better to do. You see we get busy, we get stressed, we get that fear of how do I grow a business in lock down. And because of this we know how to help you grow no matter what you and your company face.

See you at a business growth, kick butt (with love) event this month. Don’t forget all events have a free hour coaching from our Founder Mandie Holgate – which could answer why no one stays unmotivated and unfocused for long! ID:002343
  • June 1, 2020
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