Meet Carolyn Scarrow from CSCS who really gets Networking Newbie November, and is spreading the Business Love. Are you next?

I only met Kathy a few weeks ago at an Evolve training session on ‘Realising Your Potential’.


We got on really well, met for coffee a couple of times and went along to see Made in Dagenham together which was a great film – very inspiring for all women.


Kathy has just been made redundant from RBS after many years there and has launched her new life as an Arbonne Consultant (natural Swiss beauty products). She seemed like the ideal person to ask along to the Business Woman’s Network ‘Bring a friend for free in November’. I only joined the BWN myself a few months ago, but already I am reaping the rewards and I wanted to share that experience with a friend.


The BWN is a great asset to all Business Women in East Anglia. The brain-child of Mandie Holgate who runs the  BWN in Essex. Mandie promotes herself as being “as passionate about your business as you are.” And she is.


When approached by Bridget Greenwood, Mandie accepted her invitation to bring the BWN to Norfolk. So now the two of them (both of whom ooze energy and enthusiasm for the businesses of every woman who becomes involved), bring us the benefits of being part of the BWN right here in Norfolk.


These benefits include world-class inspirational guest speakers at every meeting who genuinely deliver some top tips for improving your business; a welcoming, supportive environment in which to network confidently; an opportunity to showcase your business both on the BWN website and at the monthly meetings, an exclusive on-line forum and lots and lots of practical business advice.


The speaker for Norfolk’s November BWN was Steve Clarke, from the Entrepreneurs Business Academy run by James Caan of Dragon’s Den. He was excellent, everything he said was spot on and really made you question whether you are sending out the right messages and getting the focus right for your business. Armed with his new book, we had plenty to go away and think about.


The morning concluded with an effervescent atmosphere of chatter and networking.


Kathy and I had a great morning.

To learn more about Carolyn and her business click here – and if you would like to write for our blog, come along and find out why we are THE network in East Anglia for business growth, proactive networking and business woman’s confidence. It will be great to meet you.

  • August 23, 2011