Karen Fiddes recently was our guest speaker with Mandie Holgate talking about Blogging For Business at our Suffolk event. One business woman was so taken with the results of this workshop that she was up writing blogs the following morning at 6am!

So thanks Karen for sharing some more ideas here;

I never truly understood the power of blogging to smaller businesses until recently.  I was talking on just this subject at a local seminar for small businesses.  When I asked how many of the busy owners in front of me had already set up and then updated their blog regularly, I was surprised to see that over 50% had.  Great news! 

It got me thinking about marketing in this new digital age and how small businesses can now genuinely enjoy just as much (if not more!) benefit from digital marketing as the larger companies do.  Sure those big boys might have more resource, more time and more money to throw at various media channels  but do they have the personality, hunger and passion for what they do and how they deliver that or are they just another corporate face flying the digital flag because it is the “done thing”?

You see the beauty of blogs is that regardless of your size, with just a little bit of work and relatively small (or no) capital investment, you and what your brand stands for can shine through.  Couple good writing with effective social media optimisation and search engine optimisation and you will be seen by humans and robots alike.  If your blog then delivers excellent content to meet expectation and educate the reader – it will get subscribers and drive traffic to your site ensuring that you most definitely stand a chance of kicking around with the big kids on page 1.

If you would like the opportunity to have Karen Fiddess working on your marketing strategy contact us for more information on the October Business Clinic coming up, looking at Marketing with Mandie Holgate and Karen – only open to 10 business women each month.





  • September 27, 2011
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