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What You Need To Know About Keeping Warehouses Cool

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Managing a warehouse space isn’t easy. There are many things to monitor, and occasionally, some oversights occur.

Though warehouses are in increasing demand due to the surge in online shopping, that doesn’t mean business leaders should lose their grip on the real world. These spaces require careful management practices, especially when controlling temperatures in the workspace.

Warehouses must be kept cool at every juncture without exception. But why is this so important? What are the best solutions to ensure this happens?

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping warehouses cool.

Why Keeping Warehouses Cool is Important

If you’re managing a warehouse, you must ensure it stays cool. There is a lot at stake in doing so.

The priority should be maintaining workers’ well-being. Managers need to be mindful of how working in extreme heat can affect those performing strenuous tasks. Heat exhaustion can be caused. Additionally, employees may experience rapid fatigue or in their discomfort make mistakes that lead to accidents and injuries.

There is also the case of keeping stock in good condition. Certain products like food or pharmaceutical items will need to be kept cool, and any excessive heat can ruin them. They may be unusable, or the consequences of inaction may only be apparent once the goods are in the customer’s hands. Then, the business will likely lose them forever.

Excessive heat in a workspace can also lead to damage and disruption on-premises. Warehouse safety measures are enforced largely by safety information. However, these labels can start to peel away or even shrink in extreme temperatures. Keep an eye out for these subtle signs of temperature change, as it can lead to far bigger problems later on.

What Are Potential Solutions

Now you’ve been reminded of what’s at stake, you’ll appreciate that there can be no half measures when keeping warehouses cool. Considerable investments may need to be made, but you can be confident that they will be worthwhile.

Some people might use air conditioning or industrial fans to cool their warehouse workspaces. While some results can be achieved here, it tends to be evaporative coolers that achieve the best results. Fortunately, this guide on how to cool a warehouse outlines the options available in more detail. It explains that evaporative coolers can cool larger and more open spaces. Installation is also easier, with lower running costs and reduced maintenance periods as well.

Warehouses can have many moving parts to manage that can become overwhelming in time. Therefore, it’s important to implement the best solutions possible, if only to make your life easier in keeping things running effectively. Evaporative coolers are surely the most straightforward answer to keeping the warehouse cool.

Some sources recommend keeping doors and windows shut to trap the cold air and retain it longer when keeping a warehouse cool. However, you can leave them open if your warehouse has an evaporative cooler installed. It’s a small perk, but it can help ventilation and make an industrial workspace feel more open.

You should consider switching labels around to solve the peeling problem in heat-related emergencies. For example, investing in thermal transfer labels can help solve the issue. Polyester, polyimide, and polypropylene can all withstand higher temperatures.

  • May 30, 2022