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The benefits of the BWN

Here our Founder Mandie Holgate shares a lesson that she has learnt about The BWN…

When people get in touch about attending the BWN they assume it’s going to be about increasing sales, confidence and success…. well our tagline is “As passionate about your success as you are.”

And we have cut a path for ourselves as an organisation that offers networking that gives you coordinators that go out of their way to learn more about you and your business so that they can help you get the results they want. (As a member we get you to answer 5 questions that we then post on our blog about you too)

And put you in front of some of the top speakers in the UK, that is why we know that our networking genuinely delivers. However more and more over the last few months I’ve become aware that the BWN does something just as powerful.

The BWN was founded by me in 2009 after my coaching practice saw me working predominantly with business women and regardless of what they brought to the table I realised we needed an environment where we could ask any question, say anything and get the results we wanted to succeed, overcoming fears and striving for success.

Creating an environment where you could confidently say anything and not feel stupid or self-conscious about it has had a knock on effect. I’ve heard story after story of life long friendships being created.

Of business women dashing across the UK to be there for one another, why? Because they met at the BWN many years ago, and that’s what you do for friends right?

Whether it’s a bereavement, , illness, a divorce, a poorly loved one or just a lousy week, these business women know that whether you need to be able to turn up on a doorstep and have a hug or just talk in a direct message on Facebook, BWN are there for each other.

This is a whole new level to our network and one I for one had not foreseen but I’m immensely proud to hear is happening.

If you don’t want to be a part of this, you would never know it was happening, because I’m so adamant there will never be any clickiness to our events. Why?

Because I was on the outside of that as a young girl! Hearing girls giggle and making the ridiculous assumption that they were laughing about me, regardless of what the laughing is about, it’s horrible right? We need to work together to achieve success, however it’s all too easy to slip back into that negative mindset when you hear laughter at an event and think “What are they laughing at?”

So if you are looking for events that could help you gain new business, increase your confidence (because as a coach I see this play such a critical role in people’s success) and increase your success AND gain some team members that will be there no matter what. I highly recommend the BWN.

I too have found myself on the receving end of love, kindness and caring. Now when you consider that also comes with buckets of sales and new skills, that’s definetly a win win situation and all with no membership!

(The BWN is growing fast with new locations launching in September in October. If you don’t see a venue in your area, have you considered getting paid to network? Learn more here, or get in touch.)

  • July 27, 2016