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Super Star For The Day – Get That Business Womans Signature!

BWN Member by Day – Movie Star by Night Well not quite….but it’s been an exciting week for a small corner of Colchester!

For those who know Nicky Goodchild she is known for wearing an eye catching jacket and promoting her business as a https://old.thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk/?attachment_id=2446Personal Wellness Coach and Herbalife Distributor, but now Nicky would like to share what is going on in another exciting area of her life…..get ready with your autograph books!

“You might like to know about what’s been going on in my life as an actor recently.

This Monday 3rd March my first feature film was released on DVD, and other ‘platforms’, as they say. I play one of the leads in this ‘Beautifully British Steam punk Ghost Story’, which has won several awards at International Film Festivals.

In a fortuitous moment of good timing, it was released the day after The Oscars, so I managed to secure a high profile interview, which you can see here…Enjoy! here  

Available via Amazon, Fopp, Morrisons, HMV to buy the DVD and Amazon Prime & Blink Box to stream 


Nb. Don’t be put off by the UK DVD cover. It was the UK distributor’s idea. It DOESN’T do exactly what it says on the tin! Follow @DeathTheMovie and me @GoodchildByName and please SHARE the love. #WhatMarketingBudget?”

Congratulations Nicky on your new role and can we get your signature while its still in our price range? We know an opportunity when we see one!

(Images courtesy of Jayne Lloyd Photography)



  • March 6, 2014